Spring 2011 – First Term

Tuesdays, April 5 – May 10
7:00 pm – 9:30 pm


Classes are free and all are welcome. A light dinner will be served at 7:00 ($4 donation suggested), and the actual classes begin around 7:45 and end at 9:30.

A Reasonable Faith?  Six Arguments for the Existence of God.

Led by John Morris and Deborah Sokolove


During the first three weeks of this class, we will examine six arguments, both traditional and modern, for the existence of God.
Class members will be encouraged to offer their own arguments as well, and these arguments will be discussed with interest and respect.

During the final three weeks, we will reflect on what it was like to argue for God’s existence.  With the help of several readings, we will ask ourselves these questions:

1) Does “proving” God’s existence seem important to you? 

2) Might reasonable people disagree about God’s existence, without either side being labeled irrational? 

3) What is the role of faith?  Is faith irrational?

The goal of the class is to gain an understanding of how reason and faith intertwine in our Christian beliefs.


The End of the World as We Know It?  The Book of Revelation.

Led by Dave Lloyd and Jacqie Wallen


We will explore possible interpretations of the Book of Revelation, immerse ourselves in the richness of its symbols, and consider its eschatology.  Through reading assignments, art, music, writing, and movement, we will journey through the strangest part of the New Testament.



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