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“Wrestling with Faith” by Seekers Community

Twelth Sunday After Pentecost

August 20, 2023

Scripture readings

Genesis 45:1-15
Psalm 133
Romans 11:1‑2a, 29-32
Matthew 15:10-28

This morning, in place of our usual sermon offered by one or two people, we had a time of shared reflections on the scripture, illuminated by our theme “Wrestling with Faith”.

Below is a sampling of the offered reflections.

“Street Sense” by Street Sense

Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost

August 13, 2023

Street Sense offered the word this Sunday. Street Sense elevates voices on poverty issues and creates economic opportunities for people experiencing homelessness. With support from Roy Barber and Leslie Jacobson, a group of Street Sense vendors told their stories in song and spoken word. Street Sense is also a biweekly newspaper sold on the street by the vendors as a means of support.

“More Than Food” by Marjory Bankson

Tenth Sunday After Pentecost

August 6, 2023

Matthew 14: 13-21

Our text for today begins with an odd sentence: “When Jesus heard this, he withdrew….”

Jesus has just been told that his beloved cousin, John, has been beheaded as a favor to Herod’s wife. Stunned, Jesus gets into a boat, needing a deserted place where he can be alone. Imagine what that news would mean to you. How you might feel  — and how welcome a needy crowd would be.  Or picture yourself as a member of the crowd, following a beloved teacher on foot — in the wake of his grief and your fears about what this means for the reform movement which was beginning to form around them.

This is NOT the mood we want to set for celebrating Emmy Lu’s 100th birthday, and yet I want to honor the discipline of dealing with the gospel text assigned for today. And death, whatever form it takes, will come to all of us. It’s certainly waiting in the wings as we celebrate Emmy Lu’s 100th birthday.  

“Embarking on the Purpose-Path: My Vision Quest Story” by Oswaldo Montoya

Ninth Sunday After Pentecost

July 30, 2023

How do we connect with the transforming power of the Holy Spirit? This question was the subject of Jacqie Wallen’s sermon on Sunday, May 29 of this year. Among the different spiritual practices she shared, she highlighted the communion with nature. Just the day before I had returned from the mountains of West Virginia, where I was on a vision quest, so the sermon resonated deeply with my recent experience.

A “vision quest” is a rite of passage into nature. Its most visible phase is a solitary retreat of several days, in which you expose yourself as much as possible to the forces of nature, carrying only the essentials to survive and fasting. It is a journey to “the sacred mountain” in search of answers and guidance.

“Finding Seekers” by Marta Brenden

Eighth Sunday After Pentecost

July 23, 2023

Good Morning.  This sermon is about me, it’s why joining Seekers Church has made a significant change to my life and how I expect to live.  Please bear with me, because in preparing this message for today I faced my personal history, my work and how I have lived my life.  I could do this because I feel at home here.  You have given me nourishment for my spiritual life.  The Circle Time, the liturgy, the Word and the interests of the community in social justice — all are meaningful.  Let me explain how I am affected.