Remembering the Saints

October 30, 20162016 Jubilee Altar

Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost

 Michele Frome, who served as liturgist for this Sunday, offered the following “Remarks for Remembrance” as an introduction to our Remembrance Ritual which served in lieu of a sermon.

We come now to our time for remembering and honoring the saints – not just any saints, but our saints, those deceased loved ones who are especially close to our hearts and souls at this time.

The Christian Church has been observing All Saints Day on or around November 1 for many, many centuries. Why do we observe this ancient tradition?  Why do we honor our loved ones who have passed, and why do we do it in community – in our church community?  I offer 3 reasons.

First, we still love these people.  We want to display our love publically. Second, we are mortal.  In remembering them, we remind ourselves that this is not our permanent address. Third, because of the mystery – the unfathomable mystery of the risen Christ, the mystery that makes us both mortal and immortal, in unity with those who have gone before and those yet to come.

Now I invite you to come forward, as the spirit moves you, to light a candle for a loved one you wish to honor, and to speak their name for us.  If you have a photograph or a token of your loved one, you may add it to our altar now, as well.

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