“Faith Shared” by Joelle Novey and Arif Karim

2011_after_pentecost_bulletin26 June 2011

The 2nd Sunday After Pentecost

Faith Shared: Uniting in Faith and Prayer was a project of the Interfaith Alliance and the Human Rights Alliance. Seekers Church participated in this interfaith event along with many other houses of worship around the country this week.


At Seekers Church, our guests for Faith Shared were Joelle Novey, Director of Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light; and Arif Karim, a Fellow of the Muslim Public Service Network currently interning with IPL. In addition to one of our own members reading the appointed Gospel lesson for the week, Joelle and Arif read texts from their respective religious traditions and spoke on what interfaith worship means to them.


As part of his sharing, Arif chanted the Moslem Call to Prayer at the beginning of the service. The text of the Call to Prayer was in the bulletin  in both Arabic and English, so that everyone could follow along.


In addition to her sharing from the Mishnah, Joelle taught a Hebrew song at the time of the second hymn and brought some recorded music for the Offertory. The words in Hebrew and English for both songs were also in the bulletin.


A PDF of the special bulletin for our Faith Shared service may be downloaded here.

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