Peter Bankson's artist statement

Crocheted chausable in wool and mohair

In the picture I’m wearing a chasuble crocheted in wool and mohair in the pattern of an 11-level labyrinth.

Click here for a gallery of Peter’s crochet pieces.
For more than 45 years I’ve been exploring the way fiber behaves – when it is knotted and when it is stretched. And I know there is much more to be done. The fiber has asked for more than I have given.
Inside my head there is a cornucopia of soft fruit, gently spilling out into awareness and flowing off beyond the horizon of memory. Every once in a while I can catch one of them before it disappears. This gallery includes a few.
I think crochet is a lot like creation, a tactile experience of emergent order. I am fascinated by the way crocheted fiber speaks to me of community, how stitches gather together in a dancing ruffle and take on a shape that is more than their own; and how they only reveal their inner selves when stretched to their limits.
HOOKED ON LIFE is about the joy and wonder of diversity. I am convinced that a love of diversity must be very close to the heart of God, since there is so much of it in life. If we are made in the image of God and if each of us is different – what does that say about God?

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