“Peace in One Hundred Years” by John Mohr

June 14, 2015

The Third Sunday after Pentecost15  After Pentecost

John Mohr, currently a member of Eighth Day Community, and a founding member of Seekers Church, shared his vision of how world peace might be achieved in one hundred years. Identifying world peace with the biblical Kingdom of God, John pointed out that achieving it is on no one’s agenda today. Instead we have accepted war as part of life. He feels that this view lacks both vision and hope, while his vision of peace in one hundred years is deeply rooted in both.

Among the changes needed to accomplish this vision of peace are the following:


      • • Confession and restitution for the treatment of Native Americans and African-    Americans
      • • More women in positions of power and status within the church
      • • Renewal of the education system
      • • The Church putting Jesus’ teachings into practice
      • • The United Nations as a seat of world power
      • • Enhance communications
      • • Free education for all people everywhere.



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