October Stewards Minutes




October 3, 2010

Present: Dave Lloyd (Moderator), Cynthia Dahlin (Worship Leader), Sandra Miller (Recorder), Margreta Silverstone (Angel), Lewise Busch (Angel), Pat Conover, Deborah Sokolove, Marjorie Bankson, Peter Bankson, Jacqie Wallen, Ken Burton, Muriel Lipp (Member Emerita)

Guest: Will Ramsey

Absent: Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Trish Nemore

Worship. Cynthia asked Stewards to write a haiku, or 2 or 3, incorporating an image of God.

Housekeeping for November: Moderator – Ken Burton, Worship Leader – Dave Lloyd, Recorder – Jacqie Wallen, Angels – the Banksons

Update on Rudolf. Peter reported that Jake has moved Rudolf out and is making sure that Rudolf’s things that are still locked up under the porch will be removed soon.

Sale of 2025. from Kate we learned that the sale is proceeding towards a settlement date of October 18th.  Plans are in place to empty the building.  The sale to the Zientses was approved at a CofS meeting attended by Lewise Busch, Muriel Lipp and Kate Cudlipp today, supported by the proxies received from members of the communities.  Kate was confirmed to sign the final sale papers.  Muriel reported that 3 Seekers, Emmy Lu Daly, Liz Gould-Leger and she attended the final worship service at 2025 at which Kayla preached.

Mission groups. Dave advised Stewards that Margreta would be meeting with the SLT on Monday in follow up to the possibility of having time in some of our meetings for mission group issues to be addressed that was raised in the September meeting.

Recommitment. Each steward present shared about their reflections on the 2010 Recommitment questions:
·      What am I being called to offer to God and God’s creation?
·      How can being a part of Seekers Church support my response to God’s call?
·      What do I need from and through this community in order to deepen my        
commitment to Christ?

All Stewards present confirmed that they would be recommitting to Seekers and Stewards.  Brenda Seat, Keith Seat and Trish Nemore all confirmed by email.  Jane Engel advised Kate Cudlipp that she would not be recommitting to Stewards at this time.

Covenant Christian Community Thanksgiving Basket project. Sandra and Margreta made a presentation in support of Covenant’s request for corporate support from Seekers for 2010.  Sandra reported that Covenant was hoping to assemble and distribute 300 boxes at a cost of $60 per box for a total cost of $18,000.  Covenant is pledging $3000 from their general fund, which could be revised if needed.   Last year $9700 was raised from Covenant members, associates and friends which included individual Seekers.  Last year Shoppers Food Warehouse donated $75 but this year we are hoping for considerably more as the request for support went in earlier, has already been sent to the Shoppers executive committee, and the 2010 Covenant order is a significant increase over 2009 which according to the Shoppers contact affects their support.  Last year a total of $1300 was donated from 2 churches – Pavilion of God and Seekers.  This year, although rather late to ask, requests will be submitted to Takoma Park Baptist and Takoma Park Presbyterian churches.  Margreta shared about the privilege of being invited to the table.  Discussion followed after which Ken proposed we approve a donation of $3000.  Two stewards stood aside while the other Stewards present voted yes.

Update on David Dongo.  Pat shared that David is actively looking for work now that he has been granted asylum.  Pat has advised David that he should consider convening a clearness committee.  He has also called a number of Seekers alumni to network on David’s behalf as David is interested in working for a nonprofit.  David worked in Uganda at several NGOs and also worked as a government accountant there.  

Using our financial resources. Kate said the final sale price for 2025 is $4 million.  Off the top of the proceeds will be deducted: $180,000 for brokers’ commission, $40,000 for CofS staff support, $150,000 to the Faithful Servants Trust (in support of Sonny Branner, and Gordon and Mary Cosby) (if anything remains in this fund upon the deaths of all 3 faithful servants, the remaining monies will be distributed to the communities), and $15,000 to Seekers in repayment of the transition loan we made to CofS.  This leaves net proceeds of $3,615,000 of which Seekers is entitled to 1/10 or $361,500.  All totaled however Seekers will have $516,500 in assets ($361,500 + $15,000 + $140,000 loan repayment from MANNA).
Our outstanding building loans total $424,000 of which $175,000 are interest bearing (2-4%), and $249,000 are interest free.  

Marjory reviewed the facts that we have had a class with Mike Little and Kim Montroll of Faith and Money Network, and have had several sessions to think about this eventuality.  Thus far there is a leaning towards paying off the interest bearing loans and setting aside a corpus for an as yet unnamed purpose.  Through Faith and Money Network there is a connection with someone who advises churches about options for scenarios like ours so that the money doesn’t just sit in the bank while we discern what we want to do.  

The floor was opened to discussion.  Jacqie asked that we think about investing in the Green House movement.  Pat raised his concern over our process, especially to say that the money not be spent in small increments before we have a larger plan, and that the discernment process should remain a spiritual consideration.  Marjory reminded us of the discussion we had with Andrew McLeod about a Seekers credit union-like arrangement, and his offer of help.  Pat advised us that he knows the US director of OIKO Credit and could invite him to engage us in a 3rd Sunday discussion in January, to which Stewards agreed.

Two Stewards sharing. Jacqie and Marjory shared about their current calls.

Soul Talk

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