November Stewards Minutes


November 7, 2010

Present:  Kate Cudlipp ,  Brenda Seat ,  Ken Burton,  Deborah Sokolove,  Cynthia  Dahlin,  Peter Bankson, Lewise Busch,  Margreta Silverstone,  Keith Seat,  Marjorie Bankson, Will Ramsey,  Jacqie Wallen. Guests: Judy Lantz, Debbie Barwick (treasurer), Jill Joseph.


Absent: Pat Conover, Dave Lloyd, Sandra Miller, Trish Nemore

Ken moderated, Jacqie was the recorder, the Banksons were dinner angels; and Deborah led worship.


Housekeeping:  The next Stewards meeting will be on December 5th, beginning at 5 pm.  Keith will moderate; Marjory will record,  Dave Lloyd will lead worship,  Cynthia will plan our Christmas program for the next meeting and be an angel.  Lewise will also be an angel.

Will’s spiritual autobiography:  Will read his spiritual autobiography and, when he was finished, those present responded with affirming comments.  After that, the stewards laid their hands on Will, expressed gratitude for him, and asked for God’s blessings.


Seekers sponsorship of Guatemala pilgrimage: Peter and Marjory submitted a proposal regarding the Guatemala pilgrimage.  Lumunos is no longer sponsoring the annual work trip.  The proposal suggested that Seekers take over the sponsorship of the pilgrimage.  Marjory assured the group that sponsoring the trip involves no risk to Seekers.  The commitment to sponsor the pilgrimage will only be for the coming year, to see if it will work.  This will be a year by year commitment.  The proposal was discussed and the consensus was that Seekers should sponsor the pilgrimage for 2011.

Budget proposal for 2011:    The Financial Oversight Group presented a proposal that Seekers use $175,000 of the $361,448 in proceeds from the sale of 2025 to repay the interest-bearing loans for our building, deposit the remaining proceeds in our bank for the time being, and ask for people to volunteer to consider both intermediate and long-term options for use of the funds.  This proposal was approved as was the draft budget preprared by FOG.

The meeting concluded with Soul Talk.

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