March 2010 Stewards Minutes


March 7, 2010

Present: Marjory Bankson (notetaker), Peter Bankson, Ken Burton, Lewise Busch, Pat Conover, Jane Engle,  David Lloyd (worship), Sandra Miller, Trish Nemore, Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Margreta Silverstone (angel), Deborah Sokolove (moderator).   

Absent: Cynthia Dahlin, Jacqie Wallen

Worship began with music and a Lenten reading by David.

Housekeeping:  Our next meeting will be April 11, 2010, 6-9pm, to avoid Easter on April 4.
Moderator…Ken        Notes……… Trish     
Worship….. Margreta        Angels……. Sandra, Lewise

Approval of “Guide to Mission Groups in Seekers”
Presented by Peter, who worked with Deborah and Sandra. Suggestions from last meeting incorporated for print and electronic publication. Unanimously approved.

Assistance to Wellspring (Peter)
In response to a request for materials to enable a work-party of volunteers to do needed repairs, Wellspring asked for special assistance. Since we have $5,000 in our budget for Dayspring (as a whole), Stewards approved a proposal from the Servant Leadership Team to send up to $2,700 directly to Wellspring now. The remainder will go to Dayspring at a later time.

Prayer for 2025
Kate asked for one Steward to partner with Muriel in praying regularly and specifically for the “right buyer for 2025.” Jane volunteered and will be in touch with Muriel. All Stewards are encouraged to join them.

Website Update (Peter)
Since we are without a webmaster, Time and Space is overseeing the current update which should be ready by March 21. We clearly do need some particular person to hold this important outreach!

Report on Jackie Mbabazi (Kate)
A team has formed to support Jackie, a Rwandan refugee seeking asylum here. Members of Seekers have stepped forward to offer her housing, contact with legal assistance and some financial help.

Two Stewards to share: Trish and Pat shared in more depth about their lives and callings.

Sharing the Vision and Work of Seekers Church (Brenda and Peter)
Since we do not have a single leader to suggest/guide members toward sharing the work of this community, Peter led us in an exercise which produced a list with two categories: Tasks I’m willing to share and New opportunities. Stewards are requested to share this exercise with their mission groups. We will continue this exploration at another meeting to encourage all Stewards to take initiative in sharing the essence of distributed leadership.

After Soul Talk , we closed with prayer.

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