February 2010 Stewards Minutes

February 14, 2010

Emily Gilbert, our Steward emerita, hosted our meeting at Goodwin House.

Present – Marjory Bankson, Peter Bankson, Ken Burton (worship leader), Pat Conover (angel), Kate Cudlipp, Cynthia Dahlin, Jane Engle, Sue Johnson, Muriel Lipp, Dave Lloyd (recorder), Sandra Miller (angel), Trish Nemore (moderator), Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Margreta Silverstone, Deborah Sokolove, Jacqie Wallen.
Absent –Lewise Busch

Worship – Ken led worship inspired by a Mary Oliver poem, “Thirst.”

Housekeeping – The next meeting will be March 7 at 5:00 p.m. Deborah will moderate, Marjory will record, Dave will lead worship, and Cynthia and Margreta will serve as dinner angels.

Workgroup on distributing excess income from 2009 – Cynthia reported that the previously suggested amount for Shepherd’s Table will be reduced by $5,000.

Connections with other Church of the Saviour (CofS) Faith Communities – Kate reported that the Servant Leadership Team (SLT) met with representatives from the Eighth Day and Jubilee Churches to discuss what the CofS Faith Communities initiating and what might be shared or joint initiatives.  These focused on three areas:  (1) how to share information (such as using Diaspora and the CofS Council, sharing preachers, a CofS Web site, and designating special Sundays to be CofS Sundays; (2) encouraging a prophetic word (creating joint mission groups, sharing Schools of Christian Living and the Festival Center classes, and special meetings on specific issues); and (3) building community (weekend overnights for all CofS Faith Communities at Wellspring, and specifying locations as centers of community such as the Potter’s House and the festival Center).  They agreed that a next step might be to invite each Faith Community to send two representatives to a follow-up meeting.

Financial fasting proposal – On behalf of the SLT Brenda proposed that we implement a 21 day financial fast, as proposed in a recent Washington Post column by Michelle Singletary.  Although Stewards did not adopt this proposal, Stewards expressed an appreciation for the recent class on money and desired some way(s) to build upon it, such as each person identifying his/her money issue(s) to address as through a spiritual discipline.   Brenda suggested that she meet with Learners and Teachers to see if another, longer class could be developed.  Learners and Teachers had already begun exploring this and were eager to work with Brenda on this.

Updating of Distributed Leadership publication – Peter led us in a review of the document.  Numerous suggestions were made, including revising the opening paragraph to describe what the SLT does; shortening the section on the Web site; deleting the reference to Tumelong Ministries; and adding new activities and points of contact, such as the “Help the Homeless” Ministry (Jake), Sacred Conversations (Sandra), the Library (Mary Carol), the front window and Sunday circle setup (Pat).  Peter will have the updated draft ready for the March meeting.

Report from Time and Space Mission Group – Deborah reported on four issues.  (1) The railing to the ramp was recently damaged accidentally; the person has already offered to pay the cost for repair and MANNA has been contacted to prepare an estimate.  (2) The new office tenants, Al-Anon, would like to keep the office locked.  The telephone has been moved to the conference room and it is possible that a telephone might be added in the reception room.  A key is available to unlock the office.  (Contact a Steward for its location.)  (3) The fire alarm has been fixed and the door alarm has been programmed to automatically lock both external doors at 11:30 p.m.  If additional time is needed past 11:30, any button on the alarm for the appropriate door should be pushed and time will be extended one hour.   Anyone entering the building who sees a red alarm light or hears the tone should turn off the alarm as usual and upon leaving should check that both doors are fully closed and the gate at the top of the stairs is closed, but should NOT re-arm the alarm.   (4) Time and Space has contracted with Paul Crumrine for snow removal.  (His crew has done an excellent job with the recent snows and Stewards expressed appreciation.)  He is exploring membership in the Time and Space Mission Group.

Review of Mission Groups in Seekers Church publication – Peter distributed copies of the publication for review and requested that each mission group designate a person to review its description and report any requested changes to him as soon as possible.  He hopes to have the revised text ready for approval at the March meeting.  He would like to publish it on the Web site and as a booklet.

Celebration of Sue Johnson – Sue is relocating to Sunnyside retirement community in Harrisonburg, Virginia on March 10.  She had relinquished her responsibilities as Treasurer and Stewards had previously approved Debbie Barwick as her successor.  During the meeting Stewards had written blessings and wishes for Sue on valentine hearts, and these were presented to her.  Stewards also expressed our appreciation and love for her orally, and prayed blessings for her as a group.

Celebration Circle Announcements – Sandra reminded everyone of the Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 7 p.m.  She also announced that there are openings for preachers beginning March 14.

Seeker Sharing – Two Stewards shared.  

Muriel Lipp as Steward emerita.  Muriel expressed a desire to change her Steward status from active to Steward emerita, joining Emily.  Stewards affirmed her request and prayed blessings for her as a group.

Soul Talk – Other Stewards shared among ourselves about our lives.

The meeting adjourned with prayer.

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