Worship with Seekers Church: A Visitor’s Guide

Worship with Seekers Church: A Visitor's Guide


Seekers Church is an intentional Christian community that has grown out of the Church of the Saviour, founded by Gordon and Mary Cosby in Washington DC in 1946. During its life, Church of the Saviour has developed a strong commitment to the priesthood of all believers, lived out through an outer journey of service to God’s creation, balanced by an inner journey of disciplined prayer and reflection to support individual discernment of God’s call.

Since 1976 when Seekers came into being as a separate congregation, we have added to these traditions a commitment to shared leadership, a readiness for conversation among the faith traditions we inherited, and new understandings of Christian commitment, and an invitation to all with full respect for the richness brought by people of different age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or spiritual tradition. We want to be a church for all God’s people.

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A Sandwich for Saint Francis . . .

Here’s some news about CreatureKind’s St. Francis Day service, and a great chickpea sandwich recipe.

Bless the Animals with CreatureKind

Our partner community, CreatureKind, sends this invitation to Seekers: We warmly invite you to join us in celebration of St. Francis Day, patron saint of animals and the environment, in a CreatureKind Blessing of the Animals service on Wednesday, October 4th, 2023 at 1:00PM EDT/ 5:00 PM GMT.

This will be a 30-minute service where we will lift up prayers for all animals farmed for food – from the land, sea, and sky – and for companion animals who are a deep part of our families.…

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Looking Behind the Curtain of Agribusiness

It’s not easy to make sense of current food practices in the U.S. How do we — and our government — support the status quo? How could we change?

More About Dairy Subsidies

A little while back, we asked a seemingly simple question: Why does your vegan yogurt cost so much more than dairy yogurt? The answer is not simple at all, but probably the most important contributing reason is that the U.S. government provides billions of dollars in subsidies to dairy farmers to help keep prices low.

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It’s important to remember that the fantasy picture of “Old MacDonald’s Farm” no longer applies in the U.S.…

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Soy and Soul . . . the World of Veganism

This week, Katie introduces a new discovery, soy curls, and offers a delicious Mongolian “beef” recipe. John is reading The Spirit of Soul Food, a powerful case for “black veganism.”

Can Old Vegans Learn New Soys?

by Katie Fisher

It has become fashionable to shun soy. I think that’s misguided. Soy is a rich source of protein and other nutrients, and in my 35 years of being vegan I’ve fried, boiled, broiled, braised, crumbled, pressed, baked, and sauteed tofu, turning it into stuffed “turkey,” pot pie, cheese, soup, and countless other meals. Tempeh, edamame, and miso are in regular rotation in our house, and TVP (texturized vegetable protein) and Tofurky Italian sausages make occasional appearances.…

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Charm City Vegan

Here’s a review of Baltimore’s Liquid Earth Restaurant from Katie, followed by some words of wisdom from the poet Percy Shelley, courtesy of the poet Sandra Miller!

The Holy Grail: A Great Vegan Reuben

by Katie Fisher

The food item I remember most vividly from my (benighted, pre-vegan) college years in Baltimore is the Reuben sandwich, that rich, grilled edifice of meat, cheese, Russian dressing, and the sauerkraut that brings it all together. Back then, in that seafood- and meat-happy city, about the only un-animal thing you might find at one of the famous markets was fresh vegetables, and you’d be lucky to get a green salad at a restaurant.…

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