Seekers Online Art Gallery 2020 presents “Artists Behind Bars”

Carole Alden, Untitled – Part 3 Bars Triptych

In collaboration with The Justice Arts Coalition, a national network and resource for those creating art in and around the criminal legal system, the Seekers Church Art Gallery is pleased to present a show of Artists Behind Bars. This group exhibition exemplifies the spirit of the artists who work under far less than ideal circumstance, often with a very limited variety of materials. Many of the artists are self-taught; some working from internal visions, other from resources in the prison or jail library, and yet others have had formal training in or out of the carceral system.  This show includes drawings and paintings and is the first show in a series we plan to show over the next several years. For more information about individual works, please contact

As a ministry of Seekers Church, the gallery is a venue for building community beyond the walls of the church, and indeed, inclusive of under represented artists whose work deserves to be seen, not just as the wonderful work that it is, but as a representation of voices not normally presented

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