“A Rising Song” by Jim Marsh

Paper doves symbolizing peace hang from the ceiling under a mural at the Church of the Most Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Lviv, Ukraine. Credit: SOPA Images Limited/Alamy Live News

The Third Sunday of Easter

May 1, 2022

Jim Walsh spoke of his struggle to write his recent reflection on Easter, “A Rising Song” for the Inward/Outward blog where he is a regular contributor, and a moment of unitive consciousness that came upon him in the process.

Jim is ordained in the United Methodist Church, a Core member of the Bread of Life church, and a Child and Adolescent psychotherapist. He says that he came to Church of the Saviour in 2001 for the Discipleship program, and never left.  Committed to continuing and growing the COS model, Jim Worked with Good Shepherd Ministries from 2001-2006, and is now a volunteer staff member at Recovery Cafe DC, working with a rites of passage program for under-served young men.

The text for this sermon is not yet available.

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