2022 May Stewards Minutes


Stewards Minutes

May 8, 2022

Present: Marjory Bankson (recorder), Peter Bankson, Ken Burton (moderator), Cynthia Dahlin, Joan Dodge, Michele Frome, Elizabeth Gelfeld, Judy Lantz, David Lloyd (meditation), Sandra Miller, John Morris, Trish Nemore, Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Vincent Shepherd, Margreta Silverstone, Deborah Sokolove, Jacqie Wallen, Glen Yakushiji.

Guests:  Roy Barber, Glenn Clark, Pat Conover, Liz Gould-Leger, Anita Jackson, Erica Lloyd, Sharon Lloyd, Elese Sizemore

Meditation: David shared scripture from John 13 and 15 to focus on servant leadership and staying connected to Jesus as “the vine” in order to “bear much fruit.”

Housekeeping: Stewards will next meet via zoom Sunday, June 5, 5pm on Zoom.

Moderator – Deborah

Recorder —  Trish

Meditation — Sandra

1 ) Recommendation #1 of the Servant Leadership Working Group:

to continue the SLT — Joan

Dave: a reminder that the SLT is one of many ways to offer servant leadership at Seekers;

Brenda: did the SLWG consider other forms of leadership?

            A: No, because the questionnaire strongly supported continuing the SLT.

Erica: I don’t think the SLWG members have the energy to stretch this discussion out for one item/Stewards meeting;

A: Brenda: We need to answer this particular question before considering the call group’s proposal. After that, we may need some other form for the discussion so the SLT can remain neutral.

Cynthia: I’m concerned about whether they feel “called” to this work. That’s the primary question for me.

Michele: Can we discuss the findings of the SLWG report first? Do we agree on the findings?

            A: Ken – let’s settle the agenda item #1, then discuss the process.

Joan asked for approval of the above recommendation. Unanimously approved.

There was general agreement that some new form of considering the findings and the recommendations was needed but this was not the time to decide that in light of the Call Group’s recommendations.

2) Down the Road Update – Jacqie

Members of the Down-the-Road Group are Jacqie, John, Peter and Anita.

  • In an effort to humanize care for seniors, they made a proposal to Wellspring for developing the current buildings into a Greenhouse-model facility. The proposal was rejected for lack of data on zoning and financial backing.
  • Peter is tracking housing developments around Seekers to locate low and moderate-income possibilities and will post those on the website: DowntheRoad.life.
  • Pat added that at the end of Maple St., there are several large apartment buildings which might have space for low/moderate income residents.
  • Margreta suggested the group might monitor the local Planning Commission and submit a letter of interest in low/moderate income housing as having more weight than an individual.

3) Discussing Seekers values – Dave

  • In light of considering changes in our structures, I am interested in some kind of community discussion of our basic values;
  • Peter located a paper from 2002 outlining our basic values – could be a discussion starter;
  • Marjory, John, Ken and Pat affirmed the value of meeting in person for such a discussion;
  • Glenn suggested that the SLWG had benefitted from such discussion during their deliberations and he thought there was probably much agreement – just that the conversations were needed.
  • Pat mentioned Marjory’s Easter sermon as another possible focus.
    • Dave agreed to take the next step on this matter.

4) Revised 2021 Budget Report – Marjory (for FOG)

  • Once the insurance payments to cover two forged checks totaling $28,400 were subtracted from contributed income, we had a net income of $583 in 2021;
  • In Feb, Stewards wanted to increase domestic and international giving to their former levels, which will give us a net loss of $8,000 (as shown in the attached Revised Budget);

We have some bequest money which we use to ease the cash flow and can probably cover that OR we can spend less OR give more;

  • One red flag is the Holy Spirit Fund, which has already (in the first quarter) spent over $10,000 of the $14,000 in the budget – that too could push the deficit even higher;
  • We did budget for one additional person to be added at the beginning rate of $8,000 ($9,360 cost to Seekers), so if we add two people for six months each, we could cover that without redoing the budget.

Dinner break 6:20-7:00pm

5) Proposal from the SLT Call Group – Deborah

  •  We recommend that the Stewards confirm both Margreta and Jacqie as members of the SLT for one year, with a review process to take place at the end of that time.
  • We further recommend that they start at the current rate, but that Stewards consider a higher stipend for all members of the SLT in the next budget year.
    • After a general discussion about the need to work with the sense of CALL to this particular form of servant leadership, budget ramifications of raising the stipend for all members, questions about their availability and limitations, Margreta and Jacqie were asked to leave.
    • There was further discussion of particular needs which both candidates had expressed, along with concern for the current members of the SLT and a desire for overlap with Brenda.

An official vote was taken with unanimous agreement as follows:

  • Margreta and Jacqie are confirmed as members of the SLT for one year, starting on June 1 or a date agreed to in discussion with the whole SLT.
  • Seekers will offer each of them a starting stipend of $9,000 ($10,530 cost to Seekers).
  • All members of the SLT will be reviewed at the end of one year together.

There was a brief time for Soul Talk – no notes.

Submitted by Marjory Bankson



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