2017 June Stewards Minutes

Stewards Minutes
June 3, 2017

Present: Peter Bankson (worship), Kevin Barwick, Ken Burton (recorder), Joan Dodge, Michele Frome, Judy Lantz, David Lloyd (moderator), Sandra Miller, Trish Nemore, Brenda Seat (angel), Keith Seat (angel), Vincent Shepherd, Jacqie Wallen

Absent: Marjory Bankson, Cynthia Dahlin, Margreta Silverstone, Deborah Sokolove

Worship was offered by Peter.

Housekeeping: Stewards will next meet on Sunday, July 2, 5:30pm at the church.
Moderator: Joan Worship: Kevin
Recorder: Judy Angels: Jacqie and Vincent

Learners and Teachers Report: Dave
• Glenn Clark has completed his exploration and is now a member of the mission group.
• The name of the adult education program has been changed. It now called the School for Christian Growth. The change from “living” to “growth” does not reflect any substantive change in the School but rather a linguistic adjustment intended to be consistent with current usage.

Celebration Circle Report: Ken
• Michele is taking a leave of absence for the summer in order to give greater attention to her fourth and final unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). During roughly the same period Elizabeth     Gelfeld will be returning to the mission group.
• As the offering is brought forward during our Sunday worship, we will stand and sing the doxology. The prayer that has been offered by the person bringing the offering forward will be omitted.
• Beginning June 10, 2017, and continuing through the end of the current liturgical year (November 26, 2017), we will be using the alternate Hebrew Scripture and Psalm readings from the Revised Common Lectionary. We are doing this as an experiment to offer some variety in the three-year cycle of readings as well as to provide an opportunity for reflection and preaching on different passages.

Church of the Saviour Ecumenical Council Report: Peter
• The Council is reviewing the missions and ministries of the Church.
• Kayla McClurg’s resignation from her administrative role as of April 30 was affirmed. She will be paid through June 30. Kate Lasso is continuing as treasurer. Decisions are pending regarding the other administrative functions, including the development of duty descriptions. The C of S office in the Festival Center will be closed as of the end of May as will the associated telephone land line.
• The Board of the Faithful Servant Trust has voted to include Kayla’s medical expenses in their coverage. Kayla is also applying for disability.
• Three, including Seekers, of the nine churches have made their financial contributions to the C of S for the current year.
• Reports were received from the churches that were present. Highlights included a suggestion from Eighth Day for a calendar including all of the churches and positive financial news from Dayspring about the Wellspring Center and Silent retreat.
• The results of the C of S Future Discernment Retreat were affirmed.
• Regarding ministering to refugees, Jubilee is sponsoring a family from Darfur including a mother and her six children. Jubilee is looking for support from the other churches. Dayspring also has a refugee family.

Review of New Attenders and Seekers Not in Mission Groups – Brenda
To maintain confidentiality the details of these reviews are not included in these minutes.

Seeker to Share
After dinner, Judy updated us on her life and journey.

Soul Talk
The meeting concluded with personal sharing.

Ken Burton
June 19, 2017


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