2017 July Stewards Minutes

Stewards Minutes
July 2, 2017

Present: Stewards: Joan Dodge (moderator), Trish Nemore, Vince Shepherd (worship) (angel), Brenda Seat, Ken Burton, Margreta Silverstone, Judy Lantz (recorder), Marjory Bankson, Sandra Miller, Deborah Sokolove, Cynthia Dahlin, Peter Bankson, Jacqie Wallen (angel). Guest: Glen Yakushiji

Absent: Dave Lloyd, Michele Frome, Kevin Barwick
Worship: Vince read from Radical Grace by Richard Rohr.
Stewards’ next meeting will be Sunday, August 6, 5:30 pm, location TBD.
Moderator: Deborah                       Worship: Sandra
Recorder: Marjory                           Angels: Trish & Peter
Margreta & Cynthia will be absent next month

Sanctuary DMV update:  Trish reported she has attended two trainings.

  • Accompanying folks to an ICE Check. This offers support as best you can.  There is no requirement except your presence required.
  • Rapid Response – which is focused on driving to homes in the middle of the night to document what actually happens.

Stewards voted in favor of housing meetings at Seekers titled “Know Your Rights”.  These meetings will not be advertised to the public.  Invitations will be sent.

FOG update by Marjory attached.

Time & Space: Since last year, Eyes to See mission group is no longer sponsoring New Story Leadership’s events.  Deborah led a discussion pertaining to their use of Seekers Space and the costs associated with it.  It was agreed that they will pay Seekers’ cost for space when they request it “guaranteed”.  The balance between cost and going rate is proposed to be an “in kind” donation of Seekers to NSL.  A document will be prepared for this after Keith checks with Bob First to confirm its legitimacy.  There is a question as to what NSL paid last year.  It will be confirmed.  All correspondence will be cc’d to Joyce Schwartz.

Carroll Café – Sandra reported that the 7th season ended with the June concert, and the upcoming 8th season is fully booked though we are renegotiating one artist’s contract.  There is a balance of $4726 in the account as of May 30 despite the fact that 2 concerts lost money, and one artist was paid the guaranteed minimum without appearing because of a booking error by Sandra. This season saw many changes.  Sandra negotiates the contracts, handles booking requests from performers, and communicates with the promotional outlets.  Margreta does the Facebook posts and with Oslin assists with numerous tasks from sanctuary set up to kitchen jobs the night of the concert. Glen handles some of the graphics for Facebook, and is our primary sound engineer for concerts.  Doug Dodge is learning the sound system, and lends a hand with breakdown. Denise Leclair runs the gate and assists with onsite tasks.  There is one paid onsite person, Bryan, who helps with lights, setting chairs, etc.  Katie Fisher is paid to create all the flyers and posters, and takes care of the Carroll Café website.  Peter posts concert announcements on the Seekers website.  Marcia Sprague assists with many onsite tasks.  Glen keeps everyone on track by meeting individually with many of us on the Committee.  Both Glen and Sandra emphasized how well the team is working together as they continue this ministry of Seekers Church.  The concerts offer a supportive atmosphere to the artists, and a community of concertgoers.  Prayers are asked for continued success.

The Café committee is implementing a “pay what you can” proposed by Margreta to fill unsold seats at the concerts.

Soul Talk Discussion – Trish initiated this for SLT.  The purpose was to clarify the focus of sharing at our meetings.  We want to hear “where is God for you” in the subjects that are shared.  We are looking to deepen our connections.
Stewards reaffirmed that Two Stewards Share, which lasts for 10 minutes each, is meant for a full blown update on their year.  The 20 minutes of shared time is for Stewards to be brief, focused and on any urgent matter in their spiritual life.
Vince voiced a need to feel closer connection to the community.  His work keeps him from attending MSG regularly.  Two ideas came forth: he is invited to be one of the Stewards who shares each month and to email a spiritual report to his spiritual advisor each week.

Two Stewards Share: Trish & Deborah

Soul Talk


submitted by Judy Lantz

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