2015 January Stewards Minutes

Seekers Church

January 4, 2015 Stewards Meeting

Present: Peter Bankson, Marjory Bankson [recorder], Kevin Barwick, Ken Burton [moderator], Pat Conover, Cynthia Dahlin [worship], Dave Lloyd,Trish Nemore [angel], Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Vince Shepherd.

 Absent: Judy Lantz, Sandra Miller, Margreta Silverstone, Deborah Sokolove, Jacqie Wallen.

 Visitors: Jean Adams, Bill Drehmann, June Gable, Linda Nunes-Schrag.  

 Worship:  Following a brief introduction on the Franciscan practice of gratitude, Cynthia had us list 10 things that we were each grateful for, and then read aloud just the first and last items. That left us in a cloud of gratitude to begin our meeting.

Housekeeping:  The next meeting will be February 8 (second Sunday), 5:00 pm at Seekers Church. 

Moderator: Deborah               Worship: Vince

Recorder: Dave                      Angels: Marjory & Peter 

 Care Pack Team: June Gable

June reported that the Care Pack Team is ready to set down its call. She and Kenny Shaw do not have the energy to keep it going, although they will continue to fill bags as along as supplies last. She suggested that remaining supplies be given to Community Vision, where Sandra works, that the Care Pack program be removed from the website, and that Stewards determine what to do with its restricted funds.  Stewards accepted their decision and affirmed the learning which we have all gained from direct contact with people living on the street.

Ken Burton excused himself, and Keith took over as moderator.

Othandweni: Linda Nunes-Schrag

Without a mission group around her call, Linda brought her report directly to Stewards. She described the good work that the Winterveldt guest house staff was able to provide when visitors came to Bokamoso, as well as the after-school program offered without charge to needy middle-schoolers. Linda and Bill are planning to go there for three weeks in February. Her goal, she said, was to move the Othandweni staff toward financial sustainability.

  • •    Jean Adams, who has stayed at the guest house, spoke to the importance of that facility               for visitors from St. Andrews and GWU.
  • •     David reminded her that we are beginning the third year of Seekers 3-year commitment               of funds from International Giving.
  • •     After some discussion, a group (Dave as chair, plus Jean Adams and Marjory)                              volunteered to meet with Linda to discuss our questions before they go.
  • •    Our relationship with Othandweni will be added to the April or May agenda, when Linda                 and Bill return.

All visitors left.

Dayspring Forest Easement: Keith

Using a hand-drawn map supplied by Dayspring, Keith requested a decision on how to instruct our representative to the Ecumenical Council regarding the Dayspring proposal for putting two parcels of forest – Valley Forest and Arylawn Woods — into a conservation easement.


  • •    Could the existing easements be sold? Or have they been “used up” already?
  • •    Would additional building by Dayspring require additional easements? Where would                        those be added if we approve these easements now?
  • •    For flexibility, could the Arylawn section be divided into smaller “chunks?”
  • •    Could the six acres along the road but not in the Arylawn section be sold first?
  • •    What is the overall vision for Dayspring?
  • •    Is Dayspring Church the right governance structure for this multi-million dollar property?
  • •    Would Seekers be willing to offer a bridge loan to preserve Dayspring?


Pat offered an alternative proposal. Discussion revealed both a love of Dayspring and feelings of being consumers rather than co-creators. During dinner, one table continued the discussion and returned with the following guidance for our Council representative:

  • •    Approve the Valley Forest easement;
  • •    Survey the Arylawn easement at the same time, and consider putting smaller “chunks”               in easement to preserve flexibility along the border of Dayspring;
  • •    Strengthen Council oversight to increase involvement by C of S;
  • •    Develop a clear overall vision for Dayspring with other C of S churches which can be                   used for fundraising.

This was unanimously approved. Peter will represent Seekers in Keith’s absence. Pat then excused himself.

2014 Year-end Report: Marjory (for FOG)

Basically, we are in good shape.  A summary of 2014 incomes and expenses tell us that:

  • •    Building use income is down $3,000 from 2013;
  • •    Contributed income is down $15,000 from 2013;
  • •    Building expenses are up about $3,000;
  • •    Community life expenses are up about $3,000;
  • •    The Holy Spirit Fund exceeded the budget by more than $6,000.
  • Given all that, expenses “only” exceeded income by $1,111 and the Christmas offering [restricted giving] hit a new peak at $4,000. [Summary is attached]

State of Seekers was postponed to next month, when presumably more of us will be present.

David Lloyd shared more deeply about his life this past year, followed by Soul Talk.

Submitted by Marjory Bankson

Jan 9, 2014

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