Seekers Poetry Collection


Seekers Poetry Collection

Many members of Seekers write poetry. The poems in this collection were produced, submitted, and edited by members or alumni of Seekers Church. John Morris, a member of Seekers and published poet is serving as curator of our on-line collection.

Several times each year, John facilitates a community gathering at Seekers Church on a Tuesday evening between sessions of our School of Christian Living to share and talk about poetry. Many new poems by Seekers are first shared there. In the future, some of those will make their way to this page so others can share them. Stay tuned: More poems are on the way!

We’ve gathered these poems into five chapters, based on an earlier book of poems by Seekers called “CREATION and Other Things,” gathered by the Artist’s Mission Group and first printed at Seekers Church in 2004.

Click on the title of the poem to go to the full text.


Adam’s Dream (Alan Dragoo)

With (Muriel Lipp)

Now (Muriel Lipp)



Midwife (Muriel Lipp)

Hymn to Phil (Kate Amoss)

Womb (Kate Amoss)

Exotic Species (Katie Fisher)

Mine or God’s? (Peter Bankson)

Be Careful What You Ask For (Emmy Lu Daly) (Emmy Lu Daly)

Have Faith (Emmy Lu Daly)



Where Does a Poem Come From (Kate Amoss)

How to Quilt a Mass (Dan Phillips)

Answer to Simmias (J. Morris)

Grandmother’s Veil (Katie Fisher)

The VA Pharmacy (Emmy Lu Daly)

Depression 1932 (Emmy Lu Daly)



Indian Pipe (Alan Dragoo)

Doctoring the House (J. Morris)

Countdown (Katie Fisher)


Other Things

Two Headed Nails (Pat Conover)

Easter 1999 (Peter Bankson)

Barren Manor (Peter Bankson)

Peace with Justice (Peter Bankson)

Perish the Thought (J. Morris)

Seekers’ Palindrome (Peter Bankson)

Be Careful What You Ask For (Emmy Lu Daly)

 Depression 1932 (Emmy Lu Daly)

The VA Pharmacy (Emmy Lu Daly)