Sandra Miller, fiber artist


When I’ve talked about making art, and specifically about making paper, I have described it as praying with my hands. Now I would add that I am coming to experience the process more deeply. As a person of faith, I realize that I am constantly having a subconscious conversation with the Holy One in relationship to making art. It is a process of praying with my whole body and my whole self. Being open to listening for a voice, from wherever it may come, guides me physically, and in my inner being, in the acts of creativity to which I am led. I seem to intuitively know my part in the process that leads to a finished piece of art as a result of these conversations.


Recently, the conversations with the forces that guide me, and my interactions in the world, have emerged as pieces about my recovery process from abuse, the rampant injustices in the world we live in, and conversely, about hope and trust. Sometimes, the conversation is about simple beauty. There is an important side conversation going on, hopefully engaging the viewer, with earth justice. It is intentional that I make liberal use of found, recycled objects, invasive plant species, and garden and produce waste.


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