October 2009 Stewards Minutes


October 4, 2009

PresentMarjory Bankson, Peter Bankson, Lewise Busch (worship), Ken Burton, Pat Conover, Kate Cudlipp, Jane Engle (note taker), Sue Johnson, Muriel Lipp, Dave Lloyd, Sandra Miller, Trish Nemore, Margreta Silverstone, Deborah Sokolove (moderator), Jacqie Wallen


Absent:Cynthia Dahlin, Brenda Seat, Keith Seat,

Worship: Lewise opened the meeting with a prayer by Ted. Loder.

Housekeeping: Nov.1 meeting. 5 pm. Moderator – Dave, Note-taker – Trish, Worship – Sandra, Angels – Margreta and Peter

12/6/09 Stewards Meeting: Stewards agreed that the December meeting might be altered to allow Stewards to attend a Convivium concert as all or part of the meeting if Peter could work out the details.

Update on SacredConversations: Sandra said the planning group has talked about finding joint service projects for Seekers and Covenant Christian Community. There is also conversation about including other groups in activities. The Thanksgiving basket project will continue this year.

C of S DiscernmentCommittee:This committee will be under the authority of the Ecumenical Council, but separate from it because some members of the Council don’t want to be engaged in the work. The committee will address whether and how the C of S faith communities want to be connected in the future. Marjory agreed to be on the committee after November.

Seekers Loan to 2025: Stewards agreed to an authorization of an additional $10,000 to be loaned to C of S for the maintenance of the building if it is needed. Any amount spent will be repaid to Seekers off the top of the proceeds of the sale of 2025.

Kayla McClurg Role for 2010: Stewards agreed to give Kayla  about $4,500 to come out of the proceeds of the sale of 2025 to keep C of S in compliance with legal and fiscal requirements. In addition Kayla will continue her education and training work as well as being the connecting energy among the communities. Kayla is requesting $40,000 from the C of S communities and she will raise the additional $25,000 she needs. (See 2 attachments: Continuation of the C of S-Kayla’s Proposed Role for 2010 and A Proposal for Kayla’s Role)

Update on Meeting onWellspring:Marjory summarized the meeting she led on Wellspring. Topics discussed included the history of Dayspring and Wellspring, points of conflict between them, the mission of Wellspring, and the impact of the history of C of S on Wellspring. No decisions were made at the meeting. Appreciation was expressed for the quality and quantity of Seekers participation and for Marjory’s leadership.

Sale of 2025: C of S continues to be in negotiations with the country of Georgia for the purchase of C of S.

Recommitment Check-In: Stewards indicated their intention regarding recommitment to Seekers and Stewards.

Two Stewards to Share: Sandra and Lewise shared.

Soul Talk

Meeting Adjourned at 8:50!


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