June Stewards Minutes 2011

June 5, 2011

Stewards present: Patricia Nemore, Sandra Miller, Cynthia Dahlin, Brenda Seat, Deborah Sokolove (worship), Pat Conover, Ken Burton, Lewise Bush, Jill Joseph (notetaker)
Stewards absent: Marjory Bankson, Peter Bankson, Kate Cudlipp, David Lloyd, Will Ramsey, Keith Seat, Jacqie Wallen, Margreta Silverstone

Deborah led worship which focused on appreciating the opportunities offered by God for gratitude and joy.

There being no business to be discussed, Cynthia let the group in a deepening exercise.

Responsibilities for July meeting (July 3, 2011):
Moderator: Deborah
Worship: Dave
Notetaking: Trish
Dinner Angels: Brenda and Keith

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