July 2009 Stewards Minutes


July 5, 2009

Present:  Sue, Ken (moderator), Margreta, Marjory, Kate, Jane, Keith, Deborah, Muriel, Sandra, Dave, Peter, Aeren, Brenda (note taker), Jeannine, Jacqie

Absent: Trish, Pat, Cynthia, Lewise


Roles for next meeting, August 2: 

Note taker—Kate
Angels—Sandra and Jeannine. 

This will be Jeannine and Aeren’s last meeting.


The September meeting will be on September 6 which, although falling on the Labor Day weekend, was determined to be the better date than the following Sunday.


Kate led us in a discussion using the following prompt and materials that had been sent to Stewards prior to the meeting to guide our discussion.

A Cry Hidden in the Heart of God—Jean Vanier 

"Each community is called forth by God, as he inspires a particular man or woman or a group of people to respond to a specific cry or need of humanity at one particular moment of history. This cry can be very obvious: the cry of the dying in the streets of Calcutta or of the street kids in New York or of people with physical and mental handicaps. Or else it can be a more hidden cry: the need of the sixth-century Church for oases of prayer, the need of the thirteenth-century Church in Assisi for communities close to the poor. There is a cry hidden in the heart of God, of the Church and of the saints to give life. And finally, there are the hidden tears of the rich floundering in their wealth and the pain of their selfishness, emptiness, illusions, error and sinfulness, as they search for meaning. Each community has a specific charism, gift and mission, responding to a particular cry for help, for recognition and for love. "


Question: What do you see as the charism, gift and mission of Seekers Church in the world today, and how are you part of that charism, gift and mission?

As “prods” for our reflections, the SLT asks that each Steward read (or re-read) three items that are attached to this agenda: (1) Trish’s reflections on Seekers over the past ten years; (2) a “word cloud” that Jacqie put together after searching the internet to find ways that churches, especially small churches, had reinvented themselves to cope with aging and dwindling membership; and (3) a provocative article (“Entry Points: Church As a Hosting Community,” in Christian Century, May 5, 2009) that Dave Lloyd suggested to the SLT.


There was an extended time of individual responses to the questions and materials. Questions for mission groups to discuss will be sent out, and SLT will arrange for a third Sunday discussion as well.


Margreta gave a report on Still Point.  Shares for Still Point are $12,500 which gives the share holder two 2-day weekends or 5 week days of use.  Shares for the lodge cannot be transferred. There is an immediate need for $170,000 in financing. 


Stewards asked that Margreta continue conversation with the Rolling Ridge folks, and that Seekers interested in making some kind of arrangement to get shares in Still Point, whether through individual members or possibly through Seekers funds, be in conversation with Margreta.


Jacqie and Sue shared.



The meeting adjourned.


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