January 2009 Stewards Minutes

Stewards Minutes
January 4, 2009


Present: Sandra Miller (worship), Jeannine Caracciolo (recorder), Marjory Bankson, Margreta

Silverstone (angel), Aeren Martinez, Pat Conover, Lewise Busch (angel), Jane Engle, Ken

Burton, Murial Lipp, Trish Nemore (moderator), Peter Bankson, Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Kate



Absent:  Cynthia Dahlin, Sue Johnson, Dave Lloyd, Deborah Sokolove


Sandra led worship


The next meeting will be February 8 in the 1st floor conference room. Deborah will



Two Mission Groups have yet to share. Living Water Mission Group will share at the Feb

Stewards meeting. The SLT is working on getting a date with the Artist Mission Group.


Shepherd’s Discussion
Brenda noted the process a shepherd would take:
1.    Make the group aware that someone is upset
2.    Give group time to reconnect to the circle
3.    Reflect back to the group
4.    Create a safe place
5.    Be aware of who seems to be withdrawing and possibly follow up outside of the meeting
6.    Follow up privately after the meeting with anyone who was involved in

emotional/contentious issues or anyone else that shepherd thinks might need it
7.    Offer silent intercessory prayer during meeting


Stewards wrote down names of potential Shepherds and gave them to Brenda who will follow up

through email.


Brenda’s review team
Jane reported for Brenda’s team. The team commented on Brenda’s gifts and were happy to

report that she is staying on SLT. Stewards laid hands on Brenda and offered prayers of

thanks for her gifts.


Two Stewards shared: Lewise and Ken


Sacred conversation on race.  Stewards discussed the deepening relationships flowing from

the sacred conversations on race and diversity.


Soul Talk


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