Growing Edge Fund

Consider the Growing Edge Fund

Do you have a hidden “growing edge”?  One that’s related to a deeply felt personal need, brings out your creativity, and/or is related to your Call Journey?  Does this desire keep resurfacing, nudging you to explore it?  Do you keep putting it off because you can’t justify it in your mind?  Can’t justify the seed money?

Seekers offers a unique opportunity for you to pursue a skill or activity you have wanted to try.  The Growing Edge Fund offers grants to help with financing your venture.  We expect your choice to involve some challenge regarding your time and, perhaps, your resources. Our hope is that the personal, financial, and moral support from the Seekers community will encourage you to take this risk.

Eligibility:  Applicants should be regular participants in the community life of Seekers Church.  Grants are open to Seekers of all income levels.

Application Procedure:  Write a statement describing the activity or process you envision.  Include its importance to you, why you see it as a growing edge, and how it might relate to your Call Journey.  Tell us about the risks and challenges to you in this project.  Be sure to state the specific amount you are seeking, any amount you might be contributing, and an estimate of the total cost.  Submit your request to the Mission Support Group at msg@seekerschurch.og

If you have any questions, feel free to call Michele Frome at 301-257-7814, or ask any member of the Mission Support Group (Mary Carol Dragoo, Liz Gould-Leger, Richard Lawrence, Vincent Shepherd).

Expectations:  If you receive Growing Edge Fund money, we have two expectations:   

(1) You select a sponsor with whom you will regularly discuss your venture.  Most sponsors are from Seekers.  The Mission Support Group will assist you in this selection, if you wish.

(2) At the conclusion of your venture, you share with the community at large your experience and reactions as you explore this growing edge (for example, at Circle Time, through a sermon, or in an email message to the entire community).