Eucharist Prayers

Advent Communion


Heart of love,

spirit of mystery,

we silently live into this season

of pregnant darkness.

In the stillness we listen to what it means

to be a waiting, Advent people.

Holy one, source of grace,

we offer our praise and rejoice

in your creation and its gifts.

We gather

affirming the paradoxes of life,

days of bright fullness and

of gray emptiness,

moments of knowing your love and

times of sensing ourselves

isolated and alone,

years of being Christian community to one another and

times of separation and broken relationship,

experiences of darkness and light

that call us back to seeking gospel truth.

As we thankfully gather at this banquet table,

may we experience that gospel power of love.

We long to touch and be touched

by these symbols of brokenness and healing,

death and life,

community and transcendence.

Gracious spirit,

during this season of outward intensity and activity,

remind us of the need for inner quiet

that requires us to explore

the places of wilderness in our lives

and the life of our world.

Invite us to a deepening

of our prayers that call us into the heart of humanity.

Encourage us to offer gospel ways

of turning around,

of change,

of repentance,

of reconciliation and love.




Communion at Epiphany


Eternal, harmonizing source of hope,

like the Magi,

we come into your presence

celebrating the revelation of yourself

in Jesus,

the Bethlehem babe,

the prophetic word.

We come with thankful hearts

for your incarnation

in Jesus,

in us,

and for this time of gathering at table

to celebrate each dimension of our lives.

This great Thanksgiving

for life’s mix

of joy and pain,

for its voids

and its fruitfulness.

Thanksgiving for the physical symbols

of our union with

the past, present and future movement

of our faith.

Praise that we are invited

to carry that great good news

into all the world.



Communion – Union in Love


Gracious Christ,

gathered at table,

we hunger for a renewed filling by you.

Though we often find ourselves uncertain

about what it requires of us

if we are to be prepared to receive you –

your very presence

into our physical bodies –

we do want to be open

to the grace that invites us

to do that.

We reflect on the powerful symbols of love

here on this table.

The symbols of today’s bread

and the future’s fruits

quicken our imaginations

so we may surround these elements with ever richer meanings

from our present life,

our past traditions and

from your vision of a

new heaven and a new earth.

Holy One,

we know Eucharist

to be a sign of union in love,

love that makes all things new.

We rejoice that these elements symbolize

the undoing of injustice in the world:

the inclusion of all people and creatures

in the embrace of your love.

We speak our prayers as

expressions of compassion and solidarity

with all creation.



The Bread and The Cup


Jesus, our brother,

we see our own lives mirrored

in the bread and the cup.

We seek, as you do,

to move ever deeper into

the depth of life,

of brokenness, of refreshment,

of forgiveness, of new relationship,

of compassion,

of new creation.

Offer us your food,

O Christ,

that we may know and value

the deep root of this celebration

that connects us with the church’s past,

which is also our past.

Help us experience the affirmation

that this ritual act

also goes deeply into our present life and work.

When we partake of these symbols

we are truly linking the past and the present

and expressing our faith in a completed future.

We are truly celebrating

the unity and wholeness of our calling

to fullness of relationship

with you and your world.

Spirit of Christ,

we thank you for all the ways you feed us

and seek to understand how we may feed others –

physically and spiritually.

You are the full expression

of liberation and compassion.

Awaken that same spirit within us.

We offer our prayers

as we bond ourselves with you

in loving your world,

in loving the universe.



Into The World


Gracious creator,

spirit of prophetic wisdom,

your seed is planted in our soul.

Together we are creating and seeking

to embody

your vision for life.

Empower our awareness of you

that it may nurture and enable us

to offer who we are becoming.

May all the elements and creatures of the universe

be known as sacred and be honored as

your holy creation.


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