December 2009 Stewards Minutes

December 6, 2009  
Present: Ken Burton (moderator), Jane Engle, Keith Seat, Kate Cudlipp, Margreta Silverstone, Cynthia Dahlin, Trish Nemore, Pat Conover, Muriel Lipp, Lewise Busch, Deborah Sokolove, Sandra Miller (recorder), Jacqie Wallen, Peter Bankson, Marjorie Bankson, Sue Johnson
Absent: Keith and Brenda Seat
Housekeeping– volunteers for the January meeting are: 
Moderator – Deborah
Recorder – Marjory
Worship – Sandra
Angels – Muriel and Lewise
Status of January & February meetings  
At the November meeting Stewards responded to a request from several Stewards by agreeing to try meeting at noon on first Sundays for these two months.  At the December InterPlay gathering this date there was a decidedly negative reaction to the new InterPlay times and a request was put before Stewards to meet at 5 PM in January to give InterPlay time to consider what will work for them.  Meeting times will be put on the January agenda, and the January meeting will be on the 3rd at 5 PM.
Seekers on Facebook 
Time and Space Mission Group has been discussing how Seekers might do some outreach.   On their recent retreat they considered the idea of developing a Seekers Church Facebook entry and brought that to Stewards.  The entry would mirror articles of the website front page with links to the website, and would enable RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds.  Deborah would author the entry and monitor it from time to time.  There is no cost and it does not take much time or effort.  Proposal passed with Cynthia, Muriel and Sue abstaining.
Christmas Offering  
Kate brought the 3 proposed recipients of the Christmas offering to Stewards which includes a friend of Jake’s and John’s, Bernadine Johnson sponsored by Judy and Sharon, and a family known to some Seekers sponsored by Sandra and Jacqie. The proposal was to divide the offering equally among the 3 and passed unanimously.
2009 Net Income Proposal  
Marjory said that it is still FOG’s belief that the net income could be as much as $100K and they proposed to Stewards that 75% be used for debt repayment and 25% be used for external giving.  Marjory requested 2-3 volunteers to form a committee to bring a follow up proposal of recipients – preferably in January.  This was passed unanimously.  Pat, Cynthia and Sandra volunteered to be the committee.   FOG will send an All Seekers email out to solicit recommendations for the committee to consider.
Marjory reiterated from the November meeting that the bequest is approximately $95K and has been given without restrictions.  A volunteer committee of 2-3 people is requested to consider distribution.  Mike Little of Faith and Money will be bringing a workshop on how to use large amounts of disposable income in a prayerful way as a 2 week January SCL class.  FOG hopes that as many Stewards as possible attend the workshop.  Pat suggested giving space for our dreams to develop for a few months after the workshop before forming the committee and making any decisions.  
Discipleship Program
Kate brought a proposal that Seekers contribute $1K to the Discipleship Program to help fix the porch of the Disciple House which is falling down.  Passed unanimously.
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