2019 March Stewards Minutes

Stewards Minutes
March 3, 2019

Present: Marjory Bankson (recorder), Peter Bankson, Ken Burton, Michele Frome, Elizabeth Gelfeld, Judy Lantz, David Lloyd, Sandra Miller (worship), Trish Nemore, Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Margreta Silverstone, Deborah Sokolove (moderator), Glen Yakushiji, Jacqie Wallen.

Absent: Cynthia Dahlin, Joan Dodge, Vincent Shepherd.

Visitors: Kevin Barwick,Kolya Braun-Greiner, Sharon Lloyd.

Worship: Sandra read from Edwina Gateley’s “Let Your God Love You.”

Housekeeping: Stewards will next meet on Sunday, April 7, 5:30pm at the church.

Moderator: Ken                      Worship: Margreta

Recorder: Sandra                    Angels: Dave & Jacqie

1) Earth & Spirit Mission Group: Keith

Stewards approved the call of this new mission group (call attached) after each of the visitors, along with Keith and Judy, spoke about their sense of call to “support deeper spiritual connection with God through experience with the natural world.” In addition to those present, Donna Franklin and Mary Mehala are part of the group. Their mission will be to “invite al age and abilities in our community to accompany us on this journey.” For now, their method of accountability will be as paired “faithful friends,” and they will hold and publicize dates for use of Stillpoint (at Rolling Ridge) for Seekers.

2) Update on Rooms & Meals Tax hearing: Keith

In his capacity as a member of the Financial Oversight Group (FOG), Keith has been working with our Treasurer, Debbie Barwick, to collect information for the March 20 audit. Dave has paid the Jan and Feb tax on behalf of Carroll Café, a mission of Seekers, and FOG will develop procedures for this and other outreach activities.

3) Retreat Dates: Marjory & Keith

On behalf of Living Water, Marjory gave dates for Seekers’ silent retreats at Dayspring:

      April 26-28, led by Cynthia on the theme of “Making Room to Grow.”

      September 27-29, no leader selected yet

Keith reminded Stewards that Seekers owns 3 shares at Stillpoint, which means we have allocated weekday and weekend use of that facility. The new mission group will publicize those times from now on. Kevin mentioned the upgrades to the kitchen there, and two workdays/year for which he has represented Seekers (and invites others to participate).

Kevin also shared that the FLOC Outdoor Center will be closing, although that date is not yet clear.

4) Art Hop: Sandra

Unfortunately, the Takoma Park Art Hop will be the same weekend as silent retreat: April 26-28. Keith Seat’s photographs will be displayed at Seekers that weekend, and Sandra needs assistance all day on Sat (10-5) and Sunday (11-3).

5) Development Updates: Dave & Peter

Dave noted that the developer of the property next door (the hostel) is required to submit changes to the architectural plans three weeks in advance of any hearing, so the scheduled hearing on March 28 is no longer possible. No new date has been announced.

Peter reported that the 7-11 property (across the street) has been sold and the 7-11 will close on May 1 in preparation for construction of (perhaps) 30 condo units with retail space on the ground floor.

6) Guide to Seekers: Peter

After dinner, Peter passed out the latest edition of the updated Guide to Seekers Church, which will be available on the publications rack.

Pastoral concerns – no notes.

One Steward to share: Elizabeth shared major events in her life since she joined Stewards last year.

Meeting ended with Soul talk.

Submitted by Marjory Bankson
March 5, 2019

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