2018 May Stewards Minutes


 Stewards Minutes

May 6, 2018

Present: Marjory Bankson (recorder), Peter Bankson, Kevin Barwick, Cynthia Dahlin, Joan Dodge (worship), Michele Frome, Elizabeth Gelfeld, Judy Lantz, David Lloyd, Sandra Miller, Trish Nemore, Brenda, Keith Seat, Margreta Silverstone, Deborah Sokolove (moderator), Jacqie Wallen, Glen Yakushiji.

Absent: Ken Burton, Vincent Shepherd.

Visitors: Jim Cawley, Elese Sizemore, Will & Teresa Ramsey

Worship: Joan read from Elizabeth O’Connor’s book, Search for Silence.

Housekeeping: Stewards will next meet on Sunday, June 3, at 5:30pm at the church.

Moderator: Dave                      Worship: Cynthia

Recorder: Peter                        Angels: Elizabeth & Glen


Art Hop: Sandra

Attendance by Seekers and foot-traffic was sparse; only one sale so far.

Bokamoso: Jim Cawley

Jim has just returned from a month at Bokamoso. The Foundation is now ten years old, and next year, the Center in Winterveld will be 20. Since Solly’s death, they’ve struggled to find the right leadership, but now 3 former participants are using skills coached-forth during the Career Workshop at Seekers. Next, they will form a Board in South Africa, and the Board will choose a new director. Jim thanked Seekers for their financial support, space for the career workshop and especially the site visits arranged by Sharon Lloyd.

Elese added her thanks, saying that none of this would have been possible without the original Growing Edge Fund grant which Roy Barber used to get himself to South Africa in 1996.

Preaching at Seekers: Peter (see attachment) CC Summary 2017

  • 13 Seeker women brought 20 sermons; 11 Seeker men brought 21 sermons
  • Including visitors, there were 16 by women and 13 by men

Aging Together: Jacqie Wallen

At the meeting on May 5, 13-14 people attended.

1) Margie Lance came from Dayspring to report on their discussion (attended by Judy Lantz) about providing for their elders. JW observed that Margie seemed distressed by our interest in doing something like hospice at Dayspring, so we will defer to the Council for further discussion of that option.

2) The NORC (naturally occurring residential community) group will continue to gather lists of options for rental or purchase in this area.

3) Pat offered to come up with a list of questions for any group which might form to purchase or renovate a property for Seekers who want affordable shared space.

 Sunday School: Judy

Judy reported that 8 Stewards (Dave, Trish, Joan, Brenda, Michele, Margreta, Jacqie & Cynthia)  and 7 members (Sallie Holmes, June Gable, Mary Mehala, Elese Sizemore, Linda Nunes-Schrag, Sharon Lloyd & Ron Kraybill) had taught during the past year.

  • For continuity, the SS Group recommends 4-week teaching stints

Brenda will coordinate Sunday School over the summer. The older kids will attend worship, and she will check with Ron Kraybill for the schedule of their travels. If the twins are not coming, Arnold will either join his parents in worship with a “busy bag” or be with Eli.

  • David reported that Ozzie, India & Arnold are signed up for Camp Pecometh; the other older children are seeking jobs
  • Needed: someone to be with the kids during Circle Time

Takoma Park Street Festival: Joan

Joan reported that the Outreach Mission Group (OMG) has decided to participate in the Street Festival again this year, not to recruit visitors but to show solidarity with the community. They plan to add a book table with authors, artists and musicians from Seekers.

Extended Discussion: Circle Time led by Deborah

In response to questions raised by Will Ramsey and John Morris, there was a lively discussion of the purpose and flow of Circle Time (9:30-10:00 on Sunday mornings)

Description on the website:

We begin our worship together on Sunday with community sharing, gathered in the gallery near the front door. This is a time to welcome visitors, celebrate birthdays, share the joys and sorrows of all who come, hear news about issues and activities that affect our lives, and practice the hymns we will be singing during worship. We light a candle with a prayer for peace and justice, then follow it into the sanctuary to continue our worship with a time of reflection.

  • Several speaks voiced appreciation for the recent focus on “where is God in your life?”
  • Deborah described the purpose as “gathering into community” from our disparate lives rather than the beginning of worship; others wanted deep personal sharing (like today) rather than publicity for events;
  • On the question of announcements, several saw this time as a chance to share their personal connection with a ministry rather than simply urging others to attend or support;
  • All agreed that where to put announcements is a problem – too many come late to Circle to make that our only place, but announcements during worship must be short.
  • Trish suggested announcements at the end of worship, as an invitation to the “journey outward;”
  • Stewards affirmed the attention that Celebration Circle is giving to this aspect of our life together.

2 Stewards to share: Judy and Deborah.

Soul talk followed.

Submitted by Marjory Bankson

May 10, 2018

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