2016 June Stewards Minutes


Stewards Minutes

June 5, 2016

Stewards Present: Ken Burton (recorder), Joan Dodge, Michele Frome, Judy Lantz (dinner angel), David Lloyd ,Sandra Miller, Trish Nemore (worship leader), Brenda Seat (dinner angel), Keith Seat (moderator), Vincent Shepherd, Margreta Silverstone, and Jacqie Wallen

 Stewards Absent: Cynthia Dahlin, Marjory Bankson, Peter Bankson, Kevin Barwick, Deborah Sokolove

 Guests:  Larry Rawlings, Bill Drehmann, Linda Drehmann

Housekeeping: Stewards will next meet on Sunday, July 3 at 5:30 pm at the church.

Moderator: Deborah               Worship:  Dave

Note taker:  Jacqie                             Angels: Margreta & Vince

Worship was offered by Trish, who read a reflection on leadership by Sonya Dyer.

Koinonia Mission Group – Brenda reported. The mission group has laid down its call and disbanded. Stewards were presented with a list of tasks that the group had been covering on behalf of the community. Stewards need to reflect on this list and to consider how these tasks are to be handled going forward. Most urgent appears to be cleaning up after coffee hour. One possibility is a clipboard signup sheet circulated during circle. Larry has agreed to continue to do the coffee hour setup. The remaining members of the group (Brenda, Margreta, Larry, and Linda) reported that the tasks had become overwhelming for the number of people in the group. Margreta spoke of a transition underway in her call.

            Koinonia central call was to hospitality, out of which the individual tasks emerged. We do not need to rush to find folks to take on each task so much as to reflect on how each of us in Stewards and in mission groups engages in  and might engage more deeply in providing hospitality in the community and helping make Seekers a welcoming space. Moreover, allowing us all to experience the holes created by Koinonia’s absence may deepen the appreciation for what they’ve offered and allow new individuals to step forward to offer their gifts to fill the holes.  That said, we are also reminded that with belonging comes responsibility, which can express itself not only as call but also as duty.

 Children’s Team – Judy reported. The team currently includes Judy, Dave Lloyd, Sally Holmes, Larry, and Jacqie. Planning is underway with Takoma Park Presbyterian Church for joint teen activities on Sunday evenings this fall. A schedule of Sunday morning activities for the children is being developed and will be published when it is complete. Unlike prior years, mission groups will not be involved.

Reflections on Stewards’ Meetings – Trish facilitated a conversation about Steward’s meetings. Her newsprint notes follow.

What do you get from Stewards’ meetings that help you care for the whole?

  • ideas for SCL courses, e.g. Koinonia
  • knowing what is going on in other mission groups
    • formal reports – periodic but not necessarily continuous
    • general conversation
    • feeding into another group’s work
    • enhancing general understanding
  • informing our mission groups about what is going on
  • knowing more about individuals here and outside the circle
  • seeing multiple aspects of a particular matter – knowing where others are involved

 What is missing from Stewards meetings that you need or want?

  • more formal mission group reporting seen as gentle invitation, not as command performance
  • who makes which decisions
  • goals and priorities of Stewards – currently we are too reactive
  • more about other C of S communities
  • visioning for next ten years
    • spirit leadings
    • light not on top of bushel
  • joy and fun – maybe a Stewards jester

 What do you want more of (+) or less of (-) in Stewards meetings?

  • + Fun!
  • – reading commitment statements
  • + reporting from SLT to Stewards regarding how team spends its time
    • what team is doing
    • spirit of SLT
    • reporting to include both process and, as possible, content
  • – twelve meetings a year?
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