2014 March Stewards Minutes

Seekers Church

March 2014 Stewards Meeting

Present: Deborah Sokolove (moderator), Sandra Miller (angel), Margreta Silverstone (angel), Jacqie Wallen, Trish Nemore (Recorder), Pat Conover, Cynthia Dahlin , Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Dave Lloyd (Worship), Peter Bankson, Marjory Bankson, Kevin Barwick, Vince Shepherd, Michele Frome

Absent: Ken Burton

Worship: Dave led worship reading two poems about transfiguration, followed by the reading of the Stewards’ Commitment statement.

Housekeeping: April meeting will be April 6 at 5:30 pm at Seekers Church. Moderator: Keith; Recorder: Sandra;Worship Leader: Margreta; Angels: Trish and Kevin.

Report on Rolling Ridge/Stillpoint: Kevin reported that several new families are moving onto the property, including many children. Bob Sabath dreams of building a pavilion on the Stillpoint property. Friends of Silence has a newletter and maintains a library near Stillpoint, in Nan Merrill’s cabin. (Kevin/Keith, do I have this right?). The Jefferson County public schools are using the FLOC Outdoor Ed Center property next to Rolling Ridge, but otherwise, there is not much traffic there. Shenandoah University bought property near by that includes Civil War artifacts (they intend to build an interpretative trail) and a rare plant used to treat malaria. Work weekends: Rolling Ridge – March 14-16; Stillpoint – 1st weekend in May. Seekers Time: 10 weeknights and two weekends a year. Broken and Beloved goes twice a year and is the most consistent Seekers user, but we used most of our weeknights in 2013, and were able to carry over the unused ones to 2014. We are hoping to make carryover a formal policy.

Retreat Schedule for 2014: Silent Retreat at Dayspring: May 2-4; Sept. 26-28

Women’s Retreat at Seekers: March 22

Men’s Retreat at [location?]: June 6-8

Other activity: Martha’s Mob at Seekers: March 29

Guatemala Pilgrimage: July 12-22. This is the 13th pilgrimage led by Peter and Marjory. The group will help build a library in Panamachava. Their capacity is 24, with 18 now committed and 11 deposits. Diane Wilkins offered a matching grant to support fundraising; the Pueblo, Colorado Rotary Club will equip the library. Going forward, PAVA will focus its work on three villages, working on fuel conserving stoves. It is not clear what work there might be for pilgrims with the new focus.

Two Steward to Share: Brenda and Peter shared.

Soul Talk

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