13 Dec Jacob Folger Exhibit

“Creek Shadow Collection” Photo Exhibit by Jacob Folger (2)

“Creek Shadow Collection”

Photo Exhibit by Jacob Folger


13 Dec Jacob Folger ExhibitThe Gallery at Seekers Church is featuring a new exhibit by Jacob Folger. Jacob, a member of Seekers Church with a strong commitment to caring for those who are homeless, has been capturing images in Sligo Creek, near his home in Takoma Park. A collection of his images from the creek are available in the gallery at Seekers Church.

Jacob reflects on his fascination with images in the creek:

Today, I follow the winding of whatever creek is nearby. It is a friendship that never ends. There is always something to do and lately, it has been the photographing of it and the shadows, the reflections that lay within… and true life that lays without.

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“Waking and Repenting” by David Lloyd

December 8, 2013

The Second Sunday of Advent

we have childhood memories of preparing for Christmas but what about Advent? Do we have childhood memories of Advent as a season? We might if our parents were religious. We might have had a little ritual each week when we lit another of the four candles. We might have had an Advent calendar and enjoyed opening a little door each day to find a religious symbol or a Bible verse. But I suspect most of us did not really celebrate the season of Advent per se when we were children. Advent might not even have been mentioned. It got lost in our excitement over preparing for Christmas. We didn't think, "Wow! It's Advent!" What we thought was "Seventeen more days until Christmas!"

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