2013 December Stewards Minutes

Seekers Stewards Minutes

December 1, 2013

All 13 Stewards were Present: Marjory Bankson (notetaker), Peter Bankson, Ken Burton, Pat Conover, Cynthia Dahlin, David Lloyd, Sandra Miller (worship), Trish Nemore, Brenda Seat (angel), Keith Seat (angel), Margreta Silverstone, Deborah Sokolove (moderator), Jacqie Wallen.

Visitors: Michele Frome, Judy Lance, Vince Shepherd.

Housekeeping: Stewards will next meet on January 5, 5:00pm, at Seekers.

Moderator: Keith Worship: Peter

Notetaker: Dave Angels: Cynthia & Sandra

Worship was offered by Sandra reading a poem by Pablo Neruda, followed by silence.

1)Brenda’s Review: Cynthia

In addition to Cynthia, Deborah, Ken and Mary Carol Dragoo met with Brenda to review her call to the Servant Leadership Team at Seekers. Cynthia noted Brenda’s good level of self-care, given her challenging work for Seekers as well as her professional responsibilities; her joy at the number of new leaders emerging at Seekers; her affirmation of the team aspect of the SLT and finally, that Brenda still feels called to her special role at Seekers.

Cynthia offered copies of Brenda’s written response to their questions. That is generally not circulated within the wider community.

2) 2014 Budget: Marjory

On behalf of the Financial Oversight Group (FOG), Marjory went over the current operating budget as of the end of November, answered questions, and then noted the few changes in the 2014 budget which were suggested at the November meeting. Pat asked about the disposition of any remaining funds at the end of the year. Noting that in former years, we used net income to pay down the building loan, Marjory said that FOG might be able to bring a proposal by the January meeting. Our policy has been to carry-over restricted funds from year to year, but to use all of the operating funds in each calendar year.

3) Having More Fun at Seekers: Keith

Recalling some earlier times when we had clowning in worship, overnights for informal connections with our children and picnics for Stewards instead of the August meeting, Keith divided us into four groups of four and asked us to talk about 1) our history of fun vs. joy in church; 2) fun events in the past at Seekers; 3) possibilities for fun in the future.

When we regathered, we generated the following list of fun activities at Seekers (noting that fun for others always involves planning and organizing work for somebody):

  • Dance parties

  • Clowning/alternative worship

  • Christmas meeting/party

  • Singalongs

  • Children’s Sunday school

  • Overnights

  • Biking

  • Build fun into meetings (teambuilding, participation)

  • Activities that engage more people (pumpkin carving, mosaic)

  • Dinner parties (off site)

  • Have fun in routine things (hold things lightly)

  • Coffee hour

  • Demolition party

  • Mission group activities (retreats)

  • Outings (e.g. beach, baseball game, pool party)

  • Book club

  • Poetry nights

  • Game nights (board/card/poker)

  • Tour of Japan!

  • Stillpoint (nature/camping)

  • Making quilts/sewing days

  • Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter meals

  • Carroll Café

  • Garden party at Judy’s house

  • White elephant gift exchange

  • Art/craft projects in mission groups & Stewards

  • Men/women’s retreats & breakfasts (lingering conversations)

  • New Year’s Eve event for Year 2000

  • Dressing up for SCL class in OT

  • Big TV – sporting events?

  • Need to balance family/neighbors/co-workers w/ Seekers

  • Quarterly lunches at Seekers

  • Coffee hour in conference room?

  • Seekers in nature

  • Let people know if you are doing something and would like company (e.g. jazz nights, movies

  • Want low or no cost so everyone can be included

  • Report back during Circle Time, so we make it part of the whole community

That completed our formal meeting time. Then we turned our attention to the activities which Cynthia had planned for our Christmas revels.

Submitted by Marjory Bankson Dec 2, 2013

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