Dan Phillips: Joseph’s Dream

December 26, 2004

So what is this gruesome last Christmas story all about? Well, for one thing, it is a test. It asks the question of whether or not we can hold on to the Good News as we return to our routines. It challenges us to continue with the joy and enthusiasm that we felt on Christmas Eve when we first heard the angels and saw the stars. It asks if we can carry the Good News with us through the tragedies that are a part of this life.


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Anna Gilcher: Yes and Yes

December 12, 2004

Jesus does not actually answer John's question. In his trademark way, he says to John's disciples, "Go and tell what you see and hear..." In a way, the answer of "yes" seems obvious. Nevertheless, I wonder. Might not the answer be Yes and Yes? Yes, I am the one who is to come. Also, Yes, you are to wait for another.

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