Ministry Teams

Recently several "ministry teams" have begun coordinating specific activities. These teams are different from mission groups because they meet less frequently than mission groups, draw participants who are also members of mission groups, and are more focused on a task.


Current Ministry Teams


The Washington Area Tumelong Team coordinates support for ministries in Winterveldt, a township outside Pretoria, South Africa. Seekers supports youth from the Bokamoso Life Centre who perform in the DC area to raise money for the Centre.


SSIHC Mentor Teams

The Silver Spring Interfaith Housing Coalition provides low income housing and mentoring for homeless families. Seekers members are involved in mentor teams to support the families.

The Faith @ Work Guatemalan pilgrimage has been going on for several years now and is open to anyone at Seekers. The pilgrimage lasts about 12 days and involves retreat time and five days working on a project in a Guatemalan village.


Martha's Mob is a quarterly building maintenance gathering that is open to all.