Dayspring Retreat Center


Dayspring welcome

Dayspring Farm is a retreat center owned by Seekers and the other faith communities who are part of Church of the Saviour. It’s a place of reflection and renewal for many folks, including those of us in Seekers Church. We gather there for our semi-annual community overnights, attend silent retreats and participate in workshops and events at Wellspring Center. Click here to see more.

dayspring3.jpg The land is an oasis of quiet, a prayerful place close to Washington DC. When I am there I always find some small, delightful image like this winter view of the road to the silent retreat center, an image that draws me more consciously into God’s amazing diversity.


This labyrinth, tucked into the crest of a wooded hill, invites me to slow down, to rest on the bench placed in memory of Linda Strand, who was a member of Seekers Church.

Jenny's Tree at Dayspring Jenny’s Tree was planted in 1977 by Doug and Joan Dodge, in memory of their infant daughter. It shades a bench above the Lake of the Saints.

 Text and photos by Peter Bankson


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Wellspring Center Available for Long-Term Lease

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