Meet David Lloyd

David LloydDavid reflects on God’s call on him to seek justice and health for America’s children, and his commitment to support our School of Christian Living.

I came to Seekers before it was born! In the mid-1970s I was attending the 9:30 service of Church of the Saviour from which Seekers Church formed, so I was part of the community at the beginning. I’ve stayed with Seekers Church because I thought it wouldn’t let me go! It’s a place where I am loved, encouraged to offer my gifts, and forgiven. I feel like an organ in this Body of Christ.

Two elements of our community help life sustain my spiritual journey, weekly worship with the community, and the School of Christian Living, which I help support as a member of the Learners and Teachers Mission Group. Being accountable spiritually on a regular basis each week is a big help.

For 35 years I have been seeking justice and a healthy childhood for America’s children, primarily by addressing issues of child abuse and neglect. The time may be coming when I lay that down, as I am near retirement. I am open to hearing/seeing/feeling/knowing a new call from God emerging, but so far …

These days I pray that we can be open to truly listening to others who view life differently due to culture, nationality, religious belief, sex, race, age, etc.

January 2010

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