Links Policy old

Seekers Church uses the following considerations in deciding whether to link to an external web site:

Relevance to Seekers Church call and mission: Does the site provide important and useful information to the public in support of Seekers Church call and mission or Seekers’ mission groups?

Sponsoring organization or person: Is the organization or person that sponsors the site reputable and authoritative? Does the organization or person usually provide reliable information? Is the purpose of the site clearly stated? Is the organization or site connected with a member of the church?

Privacy: Does the site collect personally identifiable information? If so, does the site provide a compelling reason to collect personally identifiable information? Does the site display a privacy policy that:

•  Notifies users of which information is collected about them while they are on the site;

•  Notifies users as to how the information will be used, shared and protected;

•  Asks users for their explicit permission to collect, track, aggregate or share personally identifiable information; and

•  Conforms with applicable sections of the Privacy Act and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (if relevant.)

Separation of advertising and editorial content: Can an average user clearly distinguish advertising from editorial content? Are sources of funding for the site and sponsorship of content unclear?

Financial interests: How easy is it for a user to identify a person’s or organization’s financial interests in a web site or in products or services promoted on a web site?

Contact information or feedback mechanism: How easy is it to contact the site operators? How quickly does the site respond to users’ inquiries?

Registration and fees: Can the site be used to obtain basic information without registering, paying fees or purchasing a product?