Welcome to the First “Vegan Living!” Post

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To get us started, here is one of our favorite dinner recipes—quick and easy, delicious, and high in protein. It’s from philosopher Peter Singer’s groundbreaking book Animal Liberation. (You can watch him make it in a short video.)…

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Bokamoso Life Centre and Youth Theatre

0801_bokamoso1.jpgAn Approach That Works


Bokamoso, which means "future", was started by the Anglican Diocese of Pretoria’s Mission for Community Development in 1999 after a series of precipitating incidents. During an armed hi-jacking, one of Tumelong’s health workers was shot, a family was tied up for two hours during an armed robbery, another health care worker and a young girl were raped. These crimes had been perpetrated by youth between the ages of 14 and 21. Local police station statistics confirmed that most crimes committed in the community were carried out by youth.


Winterveld, a sprawling informal settlement, full of poverty, 0801_bokamoso2.jpg unemployment, and broken families, was such a hotbed for crime that it was known as "Maslagpan" or slaughterhouse.…

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