16 Book Daly And Then Again

Emmy Lu Daly’s Book

Emmy Lu Daly


Emmy Lu is a lively, curious long-time member of Seekers Church. Her rich and varied life includes service in the U.S. Navy during World War II, many years of support for L’Arche community (where she helped establish one of the L’Arche communities in Northern Virginia, and entertaining younger veterans as a chanteuse at the VA Hospital in Washington DC.

Emmy Lu’s Book:

16 Book Daly And Then AgainAnd Then Again… (Washington DC: Emmy Lu Daly, 2015. Ordering Information

An ausing, witty, whimsical, heartfelt collectiom of poems byEmmy Lu that stretches across her nine generations of learning, loving, and sometimes unconventional learning.

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Hollis Vail Books

Hollis Vail

Hollis Vail and his wife Liz were part of Seekers Church as it began. Always concerned about hospitality and welcoming others into community, Hollis facilitated a men’s breakfast gathering that drew from several communities where he was rooted, including Seekers. He and his wife Liz, an artist, initiated the Growing Edge Fund at Seekers, to encourage the emergence of creativity within individuals within the community.

Hollis’ Books

Essences of Love. Bethesda MD: Vail Associates, 1990 is out of print and no longer available.


Eleven threads common to loving relationships. The book explores themes about belonging that Hollis offered to us 20 years ago as we were becoming a separate congregation.

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14 Book Taylor Roll Away the Stone

Fred Taylor Book

Fred Taylor

Fred is one of the co-founders of Seekers Church. In 1976 he and Sonya Dyer called together the Seekers faith community. For the 15 years preceding the emergence of Seekers, Fred had been serving as the director of For Love of Children (FLOC) [http://www.floc.org/] FLOC was founded in 1965 by a consortium of churches and concerned citizens to assist 900 abandoned and abused children, who were then being warehoused in the District of Columbia’s overcrowded and understaffed “Junior Village.” FLOC and its partners arranged viable schooling and living alternatives for these kids, and secured the closing of Junior Village in 1973.

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14 Book Powell The Widow

Mary Clare Powell Books

Mary Clare Powell

Mary Clare was a member of the Seekers from the beginning, and before that, of the Church of the Saviour. She left to live in Massachusetts to earn a doctorate in Creativity, then worked for 25 years as a professor at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, teaching teachers how to integrate all of the arts into their curriculum, her specialty being poetry. All that time she was writing poetry, sometimes juxtaposing it with photographs. Now retired, she continues to write and teach in western Massachusetts. She pursues her spiritual journey through Centering Prayer, Buddhist meditation, and writing and sharing poetry, and attends with her partner Violet Walker, a small country UCC church.

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14 Book McMakin Doorways 1

Jacqueline McMakin Books

Jacqueline McMakin

Jackie arrived at the Church of the Saviour in the early sixties, and was an energetic, innovative source of new initiatives for many years. She and Her husband Dave now live in Vermont.

Jackie shares:

Arriving at the Church of the Saviour in the early sixties, I experienced a transforming no-burnout way of living as a person of faith and action. Boiled to its simplest terms, this involved staying inspired, upgrading skills, and engaging in action that uses my gifts and contributes value to others. The crucial role of training at the Church of the Saviour and later at Seekers Church was an eye opener.  

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