2018 September Stewards Minutes

Seekers Church

Stewards Meeting

Minutes – September 2, 2018 

Stewards present – Cynthia Dahlin (worship), Judy Lantz, Margreta Silverstone (angel), Trish Nemore (angel), Glen Yakushiji, Ken Burton, Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Deborah Sokolove (moderator), Dave Lloyd, Marjory Bankson, Peter Bankson, Vince Shepherd, Sandra Miller (recorder), Joan Dodge, Elizabeth Gelfeld, Jacqie Wallen

Stewards absent – Michelle Frome, Kevin Barwick

Guests – Will Ramsey, Teresa Ramsey

Housekeeping –

  • Next meeting October 14th, 5:30 PM
  • Moderator – Ken Burton
  • Recorder – Judy Lantz
  • Worship – Sandra Miller
  • Angels – Marjory Bankson, Joan Dodge
  • Cynthia Dahlin will miss the October and November meetings

Care Pack update – Will Ramsey

Will presented a written report (attached to permanent record) about both the challenges and the wonder of this continuing project. It was noted that the number of care packs prepared this year is much reduced from the previous two years, however there are still 4 months to go of the year. There are some deep spiritual connections made between the people who participate in the project, and between those who pass the care packs out and the people to whom they offer them.

Deborah mentioned that Celebration Circle had been discussing the possibility of bringing back having the worship service offering include the care pack donation bin as a way of raising the awareness that donations to Seekers need not be solely money.

School for Christian Growth – Dave Lloyd

The mission group members are Dave Lloyd, Marjory Bankson, Marcia Sprague, Jacqie Wallen, Glenn Clark, and John Morris

The fall term start date is being delayed until September 25th due to Farbrengen’s use of the space for the High Holy Days. There will be a one night session on September 11th with dinner, with personal invitations being extended to newer members to introduce them to the ins and outs of Seekers, and included longer term members who are not connected to a mission group, all of whom may have questions.

The two classes being offered starting September 25th are:

  • Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time – taught by Marjory and Glenn (it will be Glenn’s first time teaching!)
  • Stories in Genesis – taught by Deborah Sokolove and Dave Lloyd

The November term:

  • Following Jesus – taught by Marjory Bankson – inviting people from Seekers who are doing active mission work, i.e. Oswaldo Montoya and Ron Kraybill
  • Soul Collage – taught by Jacqie Wallen

In the coming weeks, Learners and Teachers will be asking Seekers to complete a survey about the School asking questions like why they do or don’t attend classes, what kinds of classes they would like to see offered, etc.

Depending on the results of the survey, L&T will then announce the third term on classes, one of which may be centered around prayer.

Sunday School/Children’s Team – Judy Lantz & Brenda Seat

There are teachers scheduled for the older and younger children for September, October and November that include Kolya Braun-Greiner and Ron Kraybill (who will be shadowed by Glenn Clarke or Will Ramsey as it is his first time and his own children will be in the class). Recruitment continues for the Infant & Toddler Group, as well as gaps with the older and younger children.

The curriculum that was tried this past year did not work well and the team has decided to return to use of Seasons of the Spirit.

There will be a Christmas Pageant this year. Celebration Circle commissioned John Morris to write it. There are many decisions yet to be made and implemented.

Jacqie informed everyone that Tommy has started in a new school and he will not be in Sunday School for the foreseeable future.

Takoma Park Street Festival – Joan Dodge & Will Ramsey

The Festival is October 7th as a project of the Outreach Mission Group (OMG), with a new format from previous years meant to be more inviting to both Seekers and the wider community. It will be more gathering and welcoming time than task related shifts. OMG volunteers will cover the booth the entire day and hope that several other Seekers will also be on hand for an hour or more. We are encouraged to invite our friends from the community to share time with us in the booth.

Materials to be included will be Seekers informational fold out, School for Christian Growth flyers, Carroll Café flyers, and samples of books by Seekers.

Marjory has offered to bring her potter’s wheel if an electrical source is provided.

Circle Time – Deborah Sokolove

Stewards (as a homework assignment prior to the October meeting), and all Seekers, are asked to consider how the “new” way Circle Time is being held without announcements is working for you and the community. Celebration Circle will take the feedback into consideration as they continue discussions of how Circle Time can best serve Seekers. The October Stewards meeting will include a discussion in order to inform Celebration Circle’s decisions about how Circle Time should be held in the future.

Koinonia – Brenda Seat

In clearing out closets and such at Seekers of Koinonia materials a plastic bin full of greeting cards of various types was found. Koinonia used the cards to acknowledge the many circumstances that arose in the community that warranted a personal touch acknowledgment. The invitation to Stewards, and other Seekers, is to consider if you are called, especially with another Seeker, to pick up this spiritual task.

Pastoral Concerns – Stewards were made aware of pastoral concerns in the wider community by several members

Two Stewards to Share – Jacqie Wallen and Ken Burton shared highlights and challenges from the last year

Soul Talk

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