Seekers recognizes that any member of the community may be called upon by God to give us the Word. Our Guidelines for Preaching help us prepare sermons. This section collects for study and reflection drafts of sermons that happen to have been prepared in electronic form. The most recent sermon is on the top of the page.

“Prepare to Burn the Ships” by Teresa Ramsey

May 31, 2020


Greetings fellow Seekers and Guests.  This is the first time in over 6 months that I have been the one to share the Word.  Looking at my Zoom screen and feeling the attack of nerves, I remember why. I pray that I have listened well to the stirrings of the Holy One in my heart that I have something of value to share with you today.

Today is Pentecost Sunday and a high holy day.  It is the Sunday that we celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and other followers of Jesus as described In Acts 2:1-21 The Holy Spirit is the means by which God makes their power available to us. The power not only brings life and healing to us, but it spreads to others through us.  In today’s gospel reading from John 7:37-39, Jesus promises that those who believed in Him would receive the Spirit, saying “Whoever believes in me, as the scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” We must ask whether we are drinking from the living water that Jesus gives us, and if so, is it then flowing out of us to others? As always, the main question of the day is where is God in this?

“Being Persons of Prayer in a Pandemic” by Joan Dodge

Icon of the Resurrection by the hand of Thomas Xenakis

May 24, 2020

Seventh Sunday of Easter

My theme for this morning is prayer and being persons of prayer during a pandemic.  I feel that this focus ….prayer…was given to me by the Holy Spirit but as I’ve wrestled with what to say today, it became more of a mystery with many questions forming and not a lot of answers.  (This has always been my way in my spiritual journey).  I am not a theologian, or priest or learned academician in this field.  I’m a beginner in prayer.   I’m just a follower of Christ who has always had many questions throughout my own spiritual journey.  A few of my questions on prayer are:

  • What does it mean to be a person of prayer?
  • How can I learn to be a person who can pray deeply and trust God?
  • How are we as Seekers’ community committed to becoming persons of prayer?
  • Can prayer give us a sense of hope for the future in the midst of this pandemic?

Since I don’t see myself as any authority, in preparation I turned first to our scriptures of today; then to the many persons who have been my teachers and my  mentors; and also, to my own reflections on my spiritual journey over the last 40 plus years.

“Going Forward Together, With Thankfulness and Hope” by Trish Nemore

Icon of the Resurrection by the hand of Thomas Xenakis

May 17, 2020

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Our five previous sermons of the Easter season, it seems to me, are all of a piece, offering us tools and ways of thinking that we need to continue to live and move forward in the age of the corona virus pandemic.  From Marjory: Don’t be afraid and Follow your call;  from Erica:  Be radically honest; from Dave:  Notice that Jesus might be walking right beside you; from Mark:  Wail loudly about the hurts and injustices that you and the world experience and expect to be listened to, and, from Brenda: Remember that the Body of Christ is us – mismatched, flawed, throw away stones that we are.

This morning, I’d like to continue the conversation about moving forward, a phrase the importance of which came to me one morning about a month ago when I, too, realized that “going back” or “returning to normal” was not something that any of us should aspire to.

“Living Stones: Building a New World” by Brenda Seat

Icon of the Resurrection by the hand of Thomas Xenakis

May 10, 2020

Fifth Sunday of Easter

We are in the midst of a pandemic. . . . Just sit with that for a moment.

Every morning I wake up and in those first few seconds, sometimes even minutes, I think about the day ahead, the things I need to do, and then all of a sudden this realization will flood over me. We are living in a different time and in a different reality.

Recently Laurie Garrett, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, a Harvard Fellow and author of the book The Coming Plague, has been making the rounds on the news and in print media. Often called the “prophet” or “Cassandra” of this epidemic, she foretold what is happening right now . . . in 1994. In a recent interview[1] when asked what she sees coming next, she said that her best case scenario – to find a vaccine, to ramp up production and then vaccinate the entire world – would take 36 months. Thirty-six months if nothing goes wrong.

“Lament: From Illness to Wellness” by Mark Greiner

Icon of the Resurrection by the hand of Thomas Xenakis

May 3, 2020

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Two weeks ago, Erika Lloyd’s excellent sermon called us to radical honesty. Psalm 38 gives us a template for radical honesty.   It’s a psalm of lament.

Before we get to Lament, though, radical honesty calls for a word of gratitude. Thank you for praying for me and my family (Kolya and Sage) before I went to Nepal. When you prayed for us, you gave us each a stole.  I’m wearing it now.

And when I arrived in Nepal, I was met with another welcoming stole at the airport…which is a Nepali tradition.  I was sent well and was met well!  …A kind of hand off from the Americans praying for me to the Nepalis who were.

There is a Nepali saying “The Guest is God.” Nepalis practice a profound hospitality. I am so thankful for going to Nepal on a medical mission with the Acupuncture Relief Project.  The three weeks in Nepal were three of the very best weeks of my life…profound and heart opening.  An astonishing Model of primary health care.

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