November 2008 Stewards Minutes

November 2, 2008

Present: Marjory Bankson, Peter Bankson, Ken Burton(moderator), Jeannine Caracciolo,  Pat

Conover, Kate Cudlipp (worship leader), Jane Engle (note taker), Sue Johnson,  Dave Lloyd,

Aeren Martinez, Trish Nemore, Brenda Seat (angel), Keith Seat (angel), Margreta Silverstone


Absent: Lewise Busch, Cynthia Dahlin, Muriel Lipp, Sandra Miller, Deborah Sokolove


Worship: Kate led us in a reflection of F.Buechner’s “To Be a Saint” from Inward/Outward

(11/1/08). “Maybe more than anything else, to be a saint is to know joy.”


Housekeeping: The next meeting will be on 12/7/08. Cynthia will design Christmas festivity

for the second half of the meeting. Keith will moderate, Marjorie will take notes, Dave will

lead worship, and Trish and Pat will be angels.


2025 Update: Keith spoke of the work of the committee (composed of K. Cudlipp, J. Dickerson,

& J. Knight, and Keith) to get 2025 on the market. After many interviews, a broker has been

selected and a contract signed. The broker’s fee will be determined depending on how quickly

the building is sold. The RAC (Religious Action Committee of Reformed Judaism) next door to

2025) is interested in purchasing the building if they can raise the money. The price given

to them was 6.5 million.


An environmental study, an architectural study, and a title search have or are being

undertaken. The price, if not sold to the RAC, will be based on the square footage. It would

be ideal to get the building sold before Thanksgiving, as the time between this and

Christmas is traditionally dead.


There will be a need to clean out the building after it is sold. PC & CC staff still

conducts sessions at 2025, so there will be a need to figure out how this can continue if

the building is not sold to the RAC and there will be showings.


On 12/14/08 there will be a celebration at 1 pm. It will include a time in the sanctuary as

well as a walk around the building.


Keith and Kate were thanked for their work on this committee.


Budget for 2009: Marjory presented the proposed ’09 budget for corrections and suggestions.


*The budget for leased space is down because of the loss of one tenant and difficulty

  obtaining rent from another.

*Mission giving is 29% of the proposed budget. International spending is less than domestic

  spending because domestic spending includes C of S missions and because there has been an

  attempt to increase international spending over time.

*Community life expenses are almost the same as the ’08 budget.

*There is an increase in Building Operations expenses because of the need for painting.

*Building Purchase expenses are less than last year because interest costs are less as the

  principal is paid down.

*Staff Expenses are the same as ’08. All staff will get COLA increase, but there will be no

  Sunday School Coordinator.

*The expected deficit will be handled by increasing budgeted income, reducing principal

  payments, or taking the money out of capital reserve.


The final ’09 budget will be presented to Stewards at the December meeting.


Marjorie opened a discussion of suggestions for the use of funds generated by the sale of

2025. These included:


 *Paying off loans for Carroll St. building
 *Increasing international giving
 *Make a contribution to the Faithful Servant Fund
 *Increasing staff to oversee these new adventures
 *Acquiring space adjacent to Seekers
 *Purchasing shares in Stillpoint (a retreat cabin on a lot adjacent to      
  Rolling Ridge)


New Librarian: Jeannie Allen will replace Pat as librarian.


Soul Talk


Review Team for Brenda: Dave, Aeren, and Jane (chair) volunteered to be on Brenda’s review

team. Attempts will be made to get 1 or 2 members from the community. It is hoped the

committee will report back to Stewards in 2-3 months.


Children’s Commitment Statement: For several years Dave has been developing a commitment statement

that is appropriate for children to make or agree to during the Children’s Word on

commitment Sunday. It is a simplified version of the statement made by adults. It is direct,

simple, and not too long.

The following statement was approved:

I promise–
To learn about God by coming to this church,
To take care of the air, water, and earth and the plants,
    and to love the trees, animals, birds and fish,
To love and respect my body,
To help people who don’t have much money,
To try to get along with my family, my friends, and others, and
To say “yes” to God as I grow.


Steward to Share: Keith shared his new adventure.


Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.



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