Jake Folger: Sculptor, Painter, Photographer, and Digital Artist

I am a self‐taught sculptor, painter, photographer and digital artist. I have been creating art for most of my life and became very serious about it in 1990 when I was 30 years old. As a sculptor, I work in clay and a lot of my early works were of gargoyles. Later in my artistic journey, I began teaching with sculpture tutorials on my YouTube channel @TheJakeFolger. In around 2011 I became very interested in photographing water reflections to recreate them into dramatic abstract art pieces.”

Many of these images I still use today in my digital art photography. For a couple years starting in 2018, I began painting mostly with a palette knife and acrylic paint on canvas. My journey continued, ever changing and now I think I have found a very comfortable fit for me doing my digital art photography of nature, trees, forests and landscapes that are stylized and abstract. I also do digital painting of animals and fantasy creations –sometimes working past sculpture works into my paintings.

Website: https://JacobFolger.com/

Social Media: https://Facebook.com/JacobFolgerPhotography

The Guardian Gargoyle, 1994. Sculpted in self hardening clay. 14 inches tall with a two foot wingspan. I molded him and made and sold many copies before retiring the mold in 1996.

Moss Tree, 2014. Sculpted in polymer clay on a natural stone with live moss for the tree’s foliage. 4.5 inches tall.

Nude On A Stone, 2015. Sculpted in self hardening clay on a natural stone, and molded and reproduced in artist stone and finished in a natural stone faux finish on the stone with a faux bronze verdigris on the figure. I reproduced and sold many copies of this piece before retiring the mold in 2017. 6 inches long.

By the Sea, 2018. Acrylic on canvas with a palette knife, 11 X 14 inches.

Movement, 2012. Art Photography of a water reflection turned abstract art. This piece is very successful for me.

Celestial Waters, 2012. Art Photography of a water reflection turned abstract art. 8 X 10 inches and other sizes as well.

Paelee – A Cat Portrait, October, 2020. Digital Painting working from a photo. I am unsure of the print size at this time. While being very abstract, I painted his eyes in their natural state as they appeared in the original photo. This image is currently going viral on social media. 🙂

Mushroom Fairy Dreaming, October, 2020. Digital painting. For this piece, I photographed one of my sleeping fairy sculptures and then digitally painted her into this scene. I am unsure of the actual print size at this time.

Two Trees Dancing, October, 2020, Digital Art. The original photograph for the creation of this image was that of a water reflection. 8 X 10 inches.

Sleepy Sunset Golden, October 2020, Digital Art. 8 X 10 inches

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