February Stewards Minutes 2012

 February 12, 2012


Present: Cynthia Dahlin, Jacqie Wallen, Peter Bankson, Dave Lloyd (worship), Marjory Bankson, Sandra Miller, Deborah Sokolove, Pat Conover, Trish Nemore (moderator), Will Ramsey, Ken Burton, Margreta Silverstone, Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Lewise Busch

Guest: Kevin Barwick


Housekeeping: next meeting is March 4th

                         Deborah will moderate

                         Marjory will be recorder

                         Will will lead worship

                        Dave & Sandra will be angels


Domestic Giving: Cynthia reported that the meeting went well in making cuts to meet the budget restrictions. Stewards offered heartfelt gratitude to Cynthia for her leadership, and thanks to those sponsors who were willing to voluntarily lower their expectations. The final list of domestic giving disbursements is attached. Seekers_Domestic_Giving_FINAL_2012.pdf


Broken & Beloved Mission Group: Kevin read the call of the group. Keith reported on the history of the group; the copious amounts of laughter the group enjoyed while considering names for what was formerly called the Healers’ Group; and how becoming a mission group had been considered over the years (since they were doing everything a mission group does that coalesced around Keith leaving Time & Space MG but needing, as a steward, to be in an official mission group.) Keith also reported that roles were last determined in 2008, which may be reconsidered at their retreat in March. Kevin’s role as provocateur was defined as a stirrer of the pot, the asker of questions. The group will not be open to new members when they issue the call to Seekers. Currently the group specifically supports its members both in their vocations and in their personal healing. (There is the possibility of finding ways to offer healing to the community.) What B&BMG wants to offer Seekers is an enlarged view of retreat, especially wilderness retreats, which is not a conflict with Living Water. Peter raised the point that B&BMG could be a mentor for others interested in becoming a healing mission group. The main issue around granting B&BMG mission group status is the fact that Keith is the only steward in the group. However, Shelley Marcus is a core member at Potter’s House Church which stewards agreed filled the requirement for 2 stewards. Mission group status was passed unanimously. BB_Call__–_Feb._2012.pdf


Rolling Ridge Report: Margreta reported that Seekers still has the option of using the farm house although we have given up our previously regularly scheduled weekend. She asked for prayers for the Rolling Ridge support group as members are having serious health issues. Stewards re-affirmed the November proposal.


Stillpoint: Keith reported that B&BMG is a proponent of small group retreats where each participant has the space for deep sharing – like a mini-clearness committee. B&BMG would like other Seekers’ groups to benefit from the process and from Stillpoint. We currently have 2 shares which entitles us to 2 weekends and 2 weekday weeks per year. Keith proposed that we purchase another share to make a 3rd weekend possible, which is how many weekends Seekers currently uses Stillpoint (2 B&BMG retreats, and the Seekers’ men’s retreat). Additional weekends could be financially supported in the Seekers budget plus payment by the individual groups that use it. Cost of an additional share is id=”mce_marker”2,500. The availability of Wellspring in the future is not clear. Discussion ensued but since using Stillpoint is not in the culture of Seekers, and Stillpoint has time and distance issues for most people, purchasing another share does not seem worthwhile. No formal proposal is on the table and it was suggested that B&BMG work on a new proposal around fair use policy regarding payment for the use of Stillpoint by Seekers’ groups.


Preaching Report 2011: Ken prepared and passed out a report on speakers’ statistics. That report is attached. 2011_Preachers_Report.pdf


Ministry of Place 2011: Peter reported on and passed out a report on use of the space by outside groups. That report is attached.  2011_Building_Use.pdf .


Servant Leadership Team Discernment Report: Deborah reported about the process the team utilized, and presented the call for new members. The call is attached to this report. Keith questioned if the team engaged potential policy changes in how the SLT would function in the future. The committee did not engage that issue other than to identify that changes would organically arise out of how the members of the SLT functioned together. The committee’s primary function was to identify the qualities desired in new member/s, and to issue the call in a timely fashion as the need was great to fill out the SLT. Call_to_SLT__4.pdf


Steward Sharing: Margreta and Cynthia    


Soul Talk



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