School for Christian Growth Classes

Classes are free and open to all. We serve a light vegetarian dinner before the class, for which we request a $5 donation. We value the conversation and sense of community we share during the meal and clean-up and find it deepens our connection to the classes that follow. Dinner starts at 6:45 and classes begin at 7:30.

We generally offer two classes per term. You need not be a member of Seekers Church to participate.

School for Christian Growth January 2020 Short Term

Tuesday evenings 6:45 p.m.–9:00 p.m.
January 7 and January 21, 2020

Optional follow-up class after church on Sunday, February 23

Anyone who would like to bring their own dinner is welcome to join us to eat dinner together at 6:45. The class will begin at 7:30 and end at 9:00.

Sign up on the clipboard in the sign-up area just outside the sanctuary or by emailing marciasprague(at) Required text: How to Break Up with Your Phone by Catherine Price. Please indicate whether you would like to purchase the book at Busboys and Poets across the street (where we can order copies) or buy the book some other way.

Getting a Grip: Bringing Awareness to Our Use of Smartphones, Social Media, and the Internet

Led by David Novello and Erica Lloyd

Smartphones, introduced only 12 years ago, allow us to do many things we could not have imagined earlier. At the same time, they were designed to addict, and there is no doubt that many people cannot break away from them. The same is true for social media and the Internet in general. There is increasing evidence that as a result our attention spans are shorter and we are suffering in various ways. In this two-night class, we will consider how paying attention can help us to act with more intention, in a way we wish.

Class participants will complete the first 16 days of the 30-day program in the short and inexpensive book How to Break Up with Your Phone, by Catherine Price, and will be expected to have read some of it before the first class. The book’s exercises are not time-consuming, but awareness and discipline are required to get the most out of the class. Because there will be two weeks between the two sessions, we will have time to complete over half the program, and will discuss in class what has arisen for us. Everyone will be encouraged to finish the program on their own afterwards. On Sunday, Feb. 23, there will be an optional gathering after service to talk about our efforts and what may have changed for us. Everyone will need to have completed a short amount of reading in the book before the first class.

School for Christian Growth Fall 2019 Second Term

Tuesday evenings 6:45 p.m.–9:00 p.m.
October 29–December 3, 2019

Note new times for dinner and classes!
Dinner begins at 6:45. Classes begin at 7:30 and end at 9:00.

Rethinking Call in a Changing World

Led by Marjory Bankson

  • Does God have a “good work” for me now? At this time in my life?
  • Is there a new way for us to listen and respond together?

Explore the concept of call as a spiritual journey, unfolding throughout our lives. This six-week course will include individual and group exercises, along with discernment of gifts and ministries in the ordinary structures of our lives — at home, at work, and in the hurting world around us. Come ready to listen, learn, participate, and pray together. Marjory’s books Call to the Soul and Creative Aging will be the primary texts for this class.


The Good News of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel

Led by David Lloyd

Luke believed that his account of Jesus’ life, passion, and resurrection was good news to Jews and Gentiles in the Roman Empire. Is Luke’s account good news to us? In our study we’ll explore a number of his parables that may help us answer such questions as: What is the kingdom of God like? What does the commitment of one’s life to bringing about God’s kingdom involve? and Why should we make that commitment? Each week’s homework will include reading excerpts from the Gospel, a few questions for reflection and journaling, and a question or two for a written response and discussion in class.