August Stewards Minutes



August 1, 2010

Meeting held at the Conover-Nemore summer house.
Present: Marjory Bankson (notetaker), Peter Bankson (worship), Ken Burton, Lewise Busch, Pat Conover,  David Lloyd, Sandra Miller (angel), Trish Nemore, Brenda Seat (angel), Keith Seat (moderator), Jacqie Wallen
Absent: Cynthia Dahlin, Margreta Silverstone, Deborah Sokolove.

Worship: Peter offered two poems titled “The Journey,” by David Whyte and Mary Oliver.

Housekeeping: Sept. 12,  2010, 5:30 at the Conover-Nemore summer house
Moderator…Trish        Notes………Kate     
Worship….. Sandra        Angels…….Marjory & Peter

Sale of 2025:Keith
Still no firm offer. Council will proceed with Gabon. Govt of Congo also interested.

Learners & Teachers Survey: David
There was good response to our query about spiritual questions, but David noted there was little on outward journey issues. Marjory commented that the way the query was worded may have shaped responses away from what people are actually doing or want to do.

Time & Space: Keith
T&S will be talking to the hostel next door about their excessive parking lot use and repair of the gate.

APPROVED Handout on Shared Leadership: Peter
A request was made to list moderators of different mission groups on the website in the Members area.

Books Recommended by Stewards
Freedom Summer (1964) by Bruce Watson
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Nothing Was the Same by K. Jamison
What are Old People For? By Wm Thomas
Wolf Hall & Eight Months on Ghazzah Street by Hillary Mantel
The Lonely Polygamist by Udall
Eat, Pray, Love by E. Gilbert
Wrestling With God by Ted Loder
Being With Dying by Joan Halifax
Silence and Deep River by Endo
A Brief History of Nakedness by Philip Gomm
Peacemakers in Action: Profiles of Religion in Conflict Resolution edited by David Little
Mountains Beyond Mountains & Strength in What Remains by Tracy Kidder

After a time for Soul Talk, the meeting closed with prayer.

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