2021 March Stewards Minutes

Seekers Church
Stewards minutes
March 7, 2021

Present: Marjory Bankson, Peter Bankson, Ken Burton (moderator), Elizabeth Gelfeld, Judy Lantz (Recorder), Dave Lloyd, Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Deborah Sokolove, Glen Yakushiji, Sandra Miller (Meditation), John Morris, Trish Nemore, Margreta Silverstone, Jacqie Wallen, Cynthia Dahlin.

Absent: Michele Frome, Vincent Shepherd, Joan Dodge.

Visitors: Anita Jackson, Liz Gould-Leger.

Housekeeping:  Stewards will meet on Sunday, April 11 at 5:30 pm using Zoom as the meeting format:
Moderator – Keith
Meditation leader – Dave
Recorder – Marjory

This meeting’s worship was led by Sandra.  She read Jan Richard’s “Beloved is Where We Begin”.

Seeker Bylaws Amended:  Keith & Dave                     (Bylaws as Amended Attached)
Following a community meeting on February 14 to review proposed changes to Seekers bylaws, Stewards voted in writing to amend the 1995 bylaws.  The amendments include changes made over time, adding a new class of Members and changing “Core Members” to Stewards, as well as permitting meetings by videoconference and other changes.  Stewards also ratified the decisions of the last year made by zoom meetings and further agreed that Debbie Barwick, who has acted as Seekers’ treasurer for many years, be given the title of “Delegated Treasurer”.  The group that prepared the changes were Marcia Sprague, Amy Moffitt, David Lloyd and Keith Seat.

Building Use: Peter                    ( T&S Report attached)
The Preparatory School of DC that rents our space now has requested to continue into the next academic year.  They have been sent a letter by T&S rejecting their request.  Their approved use will terminate at the end of this academic year.

Dave will meet with T&S about possibly restarting Martha’s Mob by June. 

Seekers has negotiated a new contract with Collins Elevator to handle our future elevator maintenance and repairs

Paul Crumrine is now contracted to remove snow from the front of the building.  Our tenant, The Preparatory School of DC, is handling the remainder of the property.

CC, SLT and T&S are planning to meet together to work on plans to reopen our building.  Deborah & Brenda reported there are many judgements needed.  We are waiting for CDC Guidelines as a basis for our decisions.

Celebration Circle: Peter                      (Preaching Summary attached)
Seekers will have a Maundy Thursday service by zoom.  Peter noted that churches offering participatory services are growing. Those who are streaming their services are losing participation.

Starting in March, CC has gained added support with managing Zoom. All members of CC, plus Erica Lloyd and Amy Moffitt are now taking turns screen sharing the service, etc.  Amy Moffitt will also lead the singing during worship as needed.

Seeker Silent Retreats: Marjory for Living Water
Spring – April 24 by zoom.  Leader TBD.  Marjory will host.
Fall – Sept. 24 – 26 if in person at Dayspring.  Deborah will lead. Sept. 25 by zoom if facilities are not yet reopened.

Lenten/Easter services planned
Dayspring Good Friday zoom from 10 am – 3 pm led by Elizabeth Gelfeld.
Dayspring Sunrise on Easter morning at 6:30 am by zoom.

Stewards sharing: Peter & Elizabeth

Pastoral Concerns and Soul Talk concluded the meeting at 6:53 pm.

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