2021 July Stewards Minutes

Present: Marjory Bankson, Peter Bankson, Ken Burton (Moderator), Joan Dodge, Michele Frome, Elizabeth Gelfeld, Judy Lantz (Recorder), Dave Lloyd, Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Deborah Sokolove, Glen Yakushji, Sandra Miller, John Morris (Meditation), Trish Nemore, Margreta Silverstone, Jacqie Wallen, Cynthia Dahlin.

Not Present: Vince Shepherd working

Visitors: Liz Gould-Leger, Doug Dodge, Anita Jackson

Housekeeping: Stewards will meet on Sunday, August 1 at 5:30 pm using Zoom as the meeting format:

          Moderator – Deborah

          Meditation Leader – Joan

          Recorder – Marjory


This meeting’s worship was led by John.  He read “Nothing’s a Gift” by Wislawa Szymborska.

Carroll Café – Sandra

Bookings may start in January for the September 2022-23 performing year.  Katie has resigned from the website and poster work.  The café has a $500 loan from FOG that they will use as needed.  The committee needs more volunteers for the concerts, please.  Right now the status is “limbo”.

Takoma Park Street Festival – Doug Dodge for OMG

The festival is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, October 3 from 10 – 5.  We have paid the entry fee of $185 as a community group.  A schedule for 1-hour volunteer slots will be prepared.  Setup and breakdown are early, late and arduous.  Send your questions and thoughts to Doug at dcd_20202@verizon.net.

Earth & Spirit mission group – Keith

Judy is moving into another mission group this coming week.  E&S will have just one Steward when she leaves.  We are open to 1 or 2 new members.  We meet on Mondays from 7-9 pm every other week.

Time & Space mission group – Deborah

Katie sent a letter of General Understanding (attached) on June 25.  The highlights say that:

  • the building is open only to those without COVID symptoms
  • cleanup is required for every activity
  • new people will receive a building code as needed i.e. joining a mission group.

Group moderators who have forgotten their building code can contact Katie to get it.

Martha’s Mob will start in late summer or early September. (Dave)

The school’s belongings are still not out of the building.  They have been extended until July 16 under duress. Steps may be required beyond that if not accomplished.

Before scheduling a meeting or event, mission group moderators are asked to check the calendar on the website to make sure the room they want is not already reserved by another group.  Mission group moderators are asked to drop a note to Katie to schedule an event.  This instead of going into the calendar individually.

FOG Report – Marjory

The 6-month report will be given at the August meeting because the documentation was late reaching us for the current meeting.

International giving funds going to an organization in Uganda were sent in January.  It has been discovered the check was intercepted and two fraudulent deposits were made to an account in Singapore.  A fraud case has been opened.  It may take about 120 days to get it resolved but FOG is optimistic the funds will be returned.  They recommend that we send funds only to organizations with a U.S. presence in the future.  Wire transfers can occur with an individual connection but that person takes responsibility.

Seeker’s officers (Keith as President, Deborah as Vice President, Marjory as Treasurer, and Debbie as Assistant Treasurer) met to set up 2 new checking accounts and 1 new savings account for Seekers.  One checking account will hold funds for sending internationally, the other will hold U.S. funds. We are asked to thank Debbie for all the hours she spent working on this issue.

Pastoral Concerns then Trish offered her birthday sharing.  Soul Talk concluded the meeting.

Submitted July 13, 2021 by Judy Lantz

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