2018 March Stewards Minutes


 Stewards Minutes

March 4, 2018

Because the power was out at Seekers, we met at the home of Judy Lantz.

Present: Marjory Bankson (recorder), Peter Bankson, Kevin Barwick, Ken Burton, Cynthia Dahlin, Michele Frome, Judy Lantz, David Lloyd (moderator), Sandra Miller (worship), Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Margreta Silverstone, Deborah Sokolove, Jacqie Wallen, Glen Yakushiji.

Absent: Joan Dodge, Trish Nemore, Vincent Shepherd.

Worship: Sandra read a Lenten prayer from Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim by Ed Hayes.

Housekeeping: Stewards will next meet on Sunday, April 8, at 5:30pm at the church.

Moderator:Ken                        Worship: Margreta

Recorder:Judy                         Angels: Sandra and Kevin


  • Easter breakfast (April 1) at Seekers? No coordinator volunteered from Stewards.
    • David will invite a volunteer at the School and at church next Sunday.
  • Silent Retreats
    • Spring retreat at Dayspring, Apr 20-22. Will Ramsey will lead; Nancy Lawrence assisting.
    • Fall retreat, Sep 28-30. No leader yet.
  • Work weekends at Still Point: Apr 27-29 and Sept 28-30. Volunteers needed! See Kevin.
  • OMG is still considering whether to participate in the Takoma Park Street Festival.


  • Update on Still Point & Rolling Ridge: Kevin

With the $5k financial gift from Seekers, the kitchen and electrical system have been updated. Cash flow is positive due to income from Airbnb.

  • Contact Kevin to schedule use of our shares there.

Rolling Ridge is looking into forest management tax credits and there is a potential addition of land and monastery building from China thru a teacher at Sidwell Friends School.

  • Eldering and Diminishment: Jacqie
    1. March 10, 10-12 session will focus on “radical ideas” for fit elders;
    2. May 5 session will focus on ways we might support those with real frailty and diminishment. Jacqie also invited participation in her class at the School, “Exploring Darkness with Collage,” which begins on April 3, as preparation/exploration for the May 5 session.
  • Extended Discussion on Social Action: Representing Seekers

Fields and leaders identified earlier:

  • women & children (Brenda) – sees March 24 rally against gun violence as a place to invite support for our young people who want to attend;
  • racism & LBGTQ+ (Sandra) – will invite April, Glenn, Larry and Denise to suggest ways we could be most helpful;
  • immigration (Trish) – continuing support of Sanctuary DMV effort; DACA march tomorrow which Sandra is planning to attend;
  • environment (Kolya) – offering a class in the School right now;
  • peacemaking – linked with anti-gun violence effort above.


  • Ordination as Stewards makes us all ministers capable of speaking for Seekers;
  • This follows naturally from our tradition of “authority at the point of call;”
  • Historically, SLT has been very hesitant to take a public stand without consensus. Now we seem are readier to hold dissenting opinions and still affirm a public stand consistent with our values;
  • Let’s consider commissioning people to represent us (as we did with Kate Cudlipp to the LGBT conference at Kirkridge many years ago);
  • Guidelines approved:
    • 1) stand must reflect our basic values as a Christian community;
    • 2) be consistent with our commitment statement as a Steward;
    • 3) be supported by 2-3 others in Seekers (i.e. not just a personal stance);
    • 4) check with a member of SLT before signing a petition or committing resources of Seekers.

2 Stewards to share: Cynthia and David.

Soul talk followed.

Submitted by Marjory Bankson

March 5, 2018


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