2018 July Stewards Minutes


 Stewards Minutes

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Stewards Present:  Margreta Silverstone, Dave Lloyd, Kevin Barwick (Worship leader), Joan Dodge (Moderator), Peter Bankson, Judy Lantz (Dinner Angel), Trish Nemore (Recorder), Ken Burton (Dinner Angel), Michele Frome, Marjory Bankson, Jacqie Wallen, Sandra Miller, Elizabeth Gelfeld,

Guests: Linda Nunes-Schrag, Bill Drehmann, Liz Gould-Leger

Absent:  Cynthia Dahlin, Vincent Shepherd, Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Deborah Sokolove, Glen Yakushiji

Worship: Kevin led us in physical prayer, stretching up, then down, then touching the shoulders of those on either side of us and offering thanks for that person.

Housekeeping:   The August meeting is Sunday, August  5 at 5:30.  Moderator:  Peter Bankson; Meditation leader:  Sandra Miller; Recorder:  Marjory Bankson; Dinner Angels:  Joan Dodge and Dave Lloyd.

Word from the Children’s Team:  Three of our young people are going to Camp Pecometh this summer.  All older children will be in worship until Sunday August 26 when the three younger boys (Eli, Elad and Arnold) will start being downstairs again.  Summer schedule ends with Sunday, September 2.  For the duration, mission groups have signed up to be with little Eli and, as needed, little Dakota.

Changes in Celebration Circle:  Ken announced that Michele Frome is now Celebration Circle’s moderator and keeper of the preaching schedule.  All preaching slots from now til end of October are filled except for September 30 and October 14.

News from Othandweni:  Bill Drehmann and Linda Nunes-Schrag reported that the situation in Othandweni , which seemed to be deteriorating to the point that Seekers could no longer support the program, has turned around.  They have a new board chair and new structures limiting the power of those who had been impeding progress.  Seekers, which is a significant supporter of Othandweni, had made demands on the project, all of which they have just met.  Linda, Bill and Dave Lloyd all expressed cautious optimism.

Changes in Broken and Beloved:  Kevin reported that he and Keith Seat are the sole remaining members of B&B, a 15 year old mission group that has sustained healers in the community.  Keith and Kevin are still discerning next steps – whether to re-sound their call, put down their call or something else.  They will keep Stewards posted.

Carroll Café End of Season report.  Sandra reported that CC had another successful season and is fully booked already for next season.  They lost money on three concerts and made money on all the rest.  The Carroll Café Committee comprises Glen Yakushiji, Sandra Miller, Margreta Silverstone, Doug Dodge and Denise Leclair.  It is their practice to book lesser known groups for four of their nine concerts.  Those are usually the ones that lose money.  Stewards offers a loud HUZZAH for the hard work of this small band of music lovers.

Mid-year report on our Finances.  Marjory reported, on behalf of FOG, that while some of our spending and some of our income look out of sync for the time of budget year, most of that reflects how we disperse money and how interest income is paid.  Sandra noted that the Art Gallery is busier this year than it has been and that expenses might exceed budgeted amount.  FOG proposed raising the Holy Spirit Fund budget by $5,000 as it has already paid out 92% of the budgeted amount.  This proposal was approved by Stewards.

Pastoral Concerns were discussed by all.

Steward to Share:  Trish shared highlights from her past year.

Soul Talk.  All had opportunity to share briefly from their lives.

Respectfully submitted,
Trish Nemore


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